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    Bio: Elennia & Lynella

    OK Here is my extremely long bio, I hope you all enjoy


    Silverpine Forest was once a peaceful place. It used to be a lush green home to creatures. The creatures of nature. That couldn’t be protected. Elennia looked at the plagued land with disgust. She couldn’t stand the foul smell of disease in the air or the poor creatures that now howl in rage, infected. Elennia should of kept going, past this dying place. But as a night elf, she couldn’t stand the suffering of life, that she believed, could be stopped.

    Elennia looked up to the moon, letting Elune fill her up with hope and energy. Elennia positioned herself on a branch in a tall tree that stood next to the path. The darkness let her melt away from vision. She was virtually impossible to see, but to be safe she crouched down and pulled up her cowl. Her target will come, and she will be ready.

    She waited for hours, not moving, just waiting. Patience is a virtue that most night elves possess, but only a few can harness as a weapon. She heard a hoot and heard her owl, Neela, land at the top branch of her tree. Elennia knew Neela was warning her of something, but Elennia didn’t know what Neela was warning her about. My target, she thought, He must be approaching. Elennia looked down the path and sure enough, someone was approaching down the path. It was exactly who she was looking for. It was a member of the forsaken, pulling a cart. In that cart, was a fresh shipment of the plague being delivered to Tarrenmill. Elennia pulled the string on her bow and prepared herself. She waited for the forsaken to come closer. When he was in range Elennia sucked in and spit. The forsaken pulled the reins of his skeletal horse and stopped. Elennia grinned, she looked at the unnatural creature, an undead filled with hatred and evil. He had no idea what was coming. As she released the arrow, the branch below her creaked. She looked down, and the branch collapsed.

    As she fell from the tree, she heard the forsaken scream and then a thud. She tried to brace for landing, but the scream startled her so much she landed with a similar thud. She groaned as she stood up. Neela was hooting much louder than before. Looking over the forsaken, she saw her arrow implanted in his forehead. She was a bit disappointed, because she was aiming for his throat, but the branch interfered. But her victory didn’t last long. Grunts could be heard from down the trail.

    It was one of the largest forsaken armies she had ever seen. There were at least 50 soldiers and 10 abominations. She felt an instinct to run, but right before she could sprint for the shadows, the wind blew the foul stench of the forsaken army to her. The foul smell fueled her with rage, she wasn’t going to back down. One of the forsaken spotted her and shouted. She dug her feet into the ground and shot a volley of arrows at the army. Five of the six arrows hit, but only one was fatal, right into one’s heart. The others barely flinched as the arrows penetrated their limbs. They simply shrugged and pulled them out. She still had time to run, but she couldn’t. She was ready to sacrifice herself for this forest. She was ready to lose her life, for victory.


    It was a busy day apothecarium of Undercity. Screams, blood, and unrecognizable goo are all signs of a great day for the forsaken. Lynnella sighed in her cage. The forsaken were so immersed in their own little experiments to remember to feed the prisoner. Her tummy was grumbling so she stood up and let the forsaken know she wasn’t going take this.

    “Hey you, jawless, get me some food. You’re three hours late.” The jawless forsaken gave her an annoyed look and walked away. He returned a couple minutes later with one of the higher ranked apothecaries.

    “So this is the little blood elf that is complaining about not having food?” The apothecary said. “Well she doesn’t look like she needs much to eat.” he chuckled.

    “Just get me some food, and I’ll stop singing.”

    “But you’re not—“ he began before she wailed at the top of her lungs. All the forsaken jumped in surprise and dropped all the things they were carrying. She louder she sang, the more the apothecaries bitched.

    “I’ve heard death screams more pleasant than that!”
    “She is worse than a banshee!”
    “My ears, they fell off!”

    “Alright, Alright, you’ll have food soon, give us a couple of hours. It is getting shipped in from Orgrimmar. Until then, shut the hell up!”
    Lynella tightened her lips and grinned as the apothecary left the room. She laid down and hummed to herself quietly. Being imprisoned by a bunch of zombies couldn’t be too bad.

    In the middle of the night, a couple of forsaken dragged a body into the prison room. Lynella didn’t even turn her head to look, she reluctantly opened her eyes and groaned “Dead bodies don’t go in here, that is the next room.”

    “She ain’t dead, yet” The forsaken replied. “She is your prison mate.”

    “That is tauren crap!” Lynella shot up to get a look at what they dragged in. It was an unconscious night elf.

    “Well we were going to tell you tomorrow when you woke up, so how about you go to sleep while figure this out for you.”
    Lynella groaned and laid back down. The forsaken waited five minutes, until they assumed she was asleep. But the forsaken, sleepless creatures, had no awareness that she was still awake listening to them. She could only make out a few words of gutter speak: “Ambush........ Sylvanas…… chained.....orc…..” Lynella was confused until an orc came in to talk to the two forsaken.

    “So this is the captured night elf?” The orc said.

    The forsaken mumbled and she couldn’t understand, but the orc talked loud enough for her.

    “Oh…….. I see…….. She took down four abominations? Hour many soldiers? Wow…. This one should definitely be locked up.” The orc left. And the two forsaken cackled with happiness that the orc approved. They unlocked the cage and shoved the night elf in. The forsaken whispered some more and grabbed the other end of Lynella’s chain. On the other end of her chain were four long barbs, with a plate holding them together. The one forsaken groaned in approval and the barbs plunged into the night elves skin. The night jumped out and let out a hellish scream and collapsed to back onto the ground. Lynella could feel her own barbs in her army shake with the pain of the night elf. Lynella became paralyzed. All she could do is sleep. And hope that morning would wipe her memories of that nightmarish scream.


    The morning came, and Lynella woke up. But the memories didn’t fade, and her new roommate made sure she wouldn’t forget it. Elennia’s foot was on her head, and she wasn’t going to play games.

    “You, why are here?” She demanded.
    “Well…” Lynella began, “Why am I in a cage in Undercity or why am I under your foot?”
    “You dirty fel drinker.” Elennia scoffed, “You know the way out of this horrible place, and you are personally going to escort me.”
    “Watch it, I don’t drink fel energies. I have easier ways to get magic. Like bathing in moonwells.”

    Elennia lunged at the blood elf and the first recorded match of Undercity cage wrestling began. The chemists hooted and cheered as the two ripped each others hair out. Even the other prisoners forgot about their impending doom to pick a side.
    “Some one!” one of the forsaken hollered “Get some mud!”

    But before the brouhaha turned into a cage mud wrestling match, Grand Apothecary Putress walked in. “By the darkness!” he shouted, “Stop this madness!” All the forsaken grumbled and resumed their jobs and the prisoners went back to weeping, with the exception of the cage wrestlers.

    “Alright you scrappy elves,” Putress growled, “You’re just going to stay here until we are ready to use you, which should be soon”.
    “What are you going to do with us?” Elennia demanded an answer, “What horrors are you going to put me through, what monster are going to feed me to, and most importantly, why am I chained to her?

    Putress, though amused at the blood elf’s face, answered the night elf's question. “Congratulations, you elves were chosen for a whole new experiment, never attempted before.” Both of the elves looked at each other in fear. Not knowing what exactly this crazy forsaken had in plan for them. “That chain between you two is strong and won’t be broken easily, but that is the only thing in favor of you two. Those barbs in your skin are filled with a lethal poison. When the chain breaks, the barbs release a poison, that will kill you both instantly.”

    “Why…” Lynella stammered. “Why would you force us together like this?”

    “We need you both for this experiment” Putress continued, “With the swift ferocity of a night elf and the magical adaptability of a blood elf, the fusion of the two… would be quite impressive.” The two both felt their hearts racing, they knew what horrors he had for them. “With the new technology we have stolen from the scourge, we could make a powerful killer. This would be a new and even more powerful kind of dark ranger. With your two souls merged together, we would have one of the most powerful dark rangers to walk the land.”
    “What does Sylvanas think about this?” Lynella challenged. She knew the dark lady wouldn’t like the idea of a ranger more powerful than her.
    “Ahhh, Sylvanas…” Putress responded, “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” The evil apothecary walked away with a big grin on his face, leaving the two elves absolutely terrified.


    The two elves sat in silence for hours at a time. When the food came they would groan and eat like it was their last meal, not a very good one at that. Sometimes they would just punch each other to show how much they hated the situation. They didn’t know what to do, they just felt an udder sense of doom upon them. There was no hope, until the day some news came.
    “Putress is heading to northrend?” One chemist said.

    “Yea, he says it is time to test the plague. He said if he returns successful, he’ll finish his next project with the elves”. The other one responded. Of course they were speaking orcish, so only Lynella understood. And when she did she jumped up for joy.

    “I know how we can escape!” She squealed in an elven tongue.

    “Is it the plan where I kill you? Because you already turned that one down.” Elennia grumbled.
    “No, Putress is leaving so I can send a friend to release us!”
    “What kind of friend, another fel spawn?”
    “No, someone who can blend in. He is undead. I’m sure he can get us out of here with relative ease.”
    “Because these evil creatures would love to save us from becoming one of them, wouldn’t they?”
    “Hey not all of them are evil” retorted. “Why do you think I became a priestess? I want to help these people, and some of them have accepted my help.”
    Elennia was surprised “A priestess? With the blood red garbs of a mage?”

    “I’m glad you asked. I was a mage for a long time and I enjoyed setting things on fire. But I couldn’t let my people die from their addiction to magic. Though I suffered as much as them, I was able to draw energy from the sun. The sun changed my fire into a power of the light. Kind of like how night elves draw their light from the moon. Now my fire is like a red dragon’s, it can’t burn, it can only heal. The sun is the ultimate source of light. If didn’t have it, everything would die. We would be nothing.”
    Elennia kept silent for a minute. Her passion is immeasurable. She helps these people and defends them, but they still locked her up, she mused, what could she have done to make these monsters betray her?

    “So,” Elennia started, “How did you end up in this prison?”
    “You see,” she replied. “I called Sylvanas a bitch, to her face.”
    “It was totally worth it.” Lynella got up and began scoping the area for something to help them escape. She looked around and her eyes lit up when she saw the mailbox in the far corner. “Ok, Ok, Ok, I got it!” she jumped around with excitement. “I’m going to write a letter and I’ll let you tie to my dagger and you can throw it into the mailbox!”

    “Do you have paper?” Elennia asked.

    Lynella’s ears sagged and she thought a moment. “No, but I know how to get some!” She stood up and shouted at the top of her lungs, “HEY GUYS, I’M DRAWING PICTURES OF KITTENS!!! YOU CAN GET ONE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BRING A PEN, PAPER AND FOOD!!!” All the forsaken in the apothecarium stopped what they were doing, grabbed some food and paper, and ran towards the prison cells.

    “I want a black tabby!”
    “I want one with a lazer attached to its back!”
    “I want one holding a rainbow!”

    Lynella spent a good 4 hours drawing pictures of cats until all the forsaken were satisified. She had a good pile of paper under her butt, some pens, and too much food. The two elves ate excitedly and Lynella began writing the letter. “Hey.” she said, “I never asked your name.”

    “I am Elennia Wildheart, but most people just call me Elen.”
    “Well then you can just call me Lyn.”
    The two smiled at each other. And for once, they got along.

    Elen looked at the mail box. She judged every angle and every turn to make sure this plan was executed precisely. Elen pulled back her arm and right when she threw the dagger Lyn tackled her.

    “Wait! Someone is coming!” Lyn shouted. But it was too late. The dagger landed a couple feet from the mailbox. Elen did a quick facepalm and gave Lyn a pissed look. They both looked over to see what who was coming.

    “OH LOOKAD IT!” A huge abomination stopped in front of the mailbox. “IT SO SHINEY, ME WANT DAGGER!” He tried to pick up the dagger and when he leaned over he fell to the ground. “OH DAT HURT ME, BUT I GOT DA DAGGER!” He picked up the dagger and his clumsy fingers dropped it and he stabbed himself in the foot. “OWWWW DAGGER MEAN! ME KILL DAGGER!!!!” He stood up and grabbed anything thing he could and threw it at the dagger. He grabbed rotting corpses, the tables, the chairs and finally the mailbox. The mailbox exploded and all the letters flew everywhere. “OH WOW! THE COLORS! ITS SO PRETTY!”

    A apothecary ran down to see what the ruckus was. “Glubb, you’ve been a bad boy!”
    “Now Glubb, I think you need a time out. Come with me.” Glubb followed behind with a pout on his face. Some other forsaken came down and they began loading the letters into a cart to another mailbox. He put in everything, including the dagger and some chair legs and carted towards the main Undercity mailbox. Both Lyn and Elen stared at each other, and began to giggle uncontrollably. Help was on the way.

    But by the third day they weren’t in such a good mood. They lied in the cage, insulting each other’s beliefs and culture. They were bored, and hope was running thin. “Well at least I’m not an intolerant night elf, I mean, killing everything that isn’t your own!”
    “Well I don’t let my hunger of magic to threaten the world!”
    “Well its not like a night elf has ever fallen victim to magic. Oh wait!”
    “The Betrayer? You mean the demon that controlled your insane king?”
    “You can’t just pretend Illidan wasn’t one of your kind, just like you deny the blood elves.”

    “He was one of our kind. I helped Tyrande release him from his prison. I thought maybe there was still a bit of light in his dark heart. And at moments I saw it. He still loved Tyrande, even after he consumed the skull. But we gave him a second chance, and he failed us.” Elennia sighed.

    “Well I guess no race has only good or only bad.” Lyn replied. A crash was heard and both of the elves jumped up. All the forsaken in the apothecary ran to see what the sound was. After then minutes, none of them returned. Then suddenly a forsaken looked into the room and grinned. “Mike!” Lyn shouted as the undead approached the cage.

    “Sorry it took so long, I was waiting for a distraction and I thought the Warchief, Jaina, and Varian rampaging into Undercity would work, I suppose…” Lyn reached her hands through the bars and grabbed the forsaken’s scalp. She traced his lips with her fingers and then she brought her lips to his. In the background, the noise of a jaw dropping was heard, and it wasn’t even a forsaken’s. After Mike released his lips and gave a last peck to the forehead, Lyn looked over at Elen with a stern look.

    “Its not that disgusting, okay?” Lyn said.
    “By the light of Elune,” Elen gasped “Your boyfriend smells horrible!”
    “So…” Mike said, “Who’s the bitch?”
    “That is…” Lyn began, “The woman I will be stuck to for the rest of my life.”
    The city was full of people of all races, fighting for the same city. The three escaped through the sewer without the slightest suspicion. When they reached the outside world, the sun was high, but the stars were still visible. The moon and the sun became one. They three gazed in wonder at the beauty. When the two finally separated, the stars disappeared and the sky turned blue. The day and the night once again became separate, but they could never stray too far from each other.

    Name: Elennia Wildheart
    Age: 2200ish
    Race: Night Elf
    Gender: Female
    Class: Huntress/archer
    Personality: Pretty serious, dedicated, and a subtle dark sense of humor.
    Likes: Camping, fighting, training, hunting, nature, birds, massages, exploring
    Dislikes: Anything "unnatural", shopping, kittens, Mike, beaches, gnomes, tanning.
    Appearance: Will have pic soon.
    Strengths: Rutheless, execellent arher, can ambush as well as any rogue. Always has a healer
    Weakness: Attached to a blood elf, therefore not as maneuvarble as a typical night elf.
    History: She is an younger (compared to others) that has seen the damage done by the demons and will do everything she can to protect the land she loves.

    Name: Lynella Goldensun
    Age: 300ish
    Race: Blood Elf
    Gender: Female
    Class: Priestess
    Personality: Passionate, lively, energetic, and a bit of a spaz
    Likes: Anything "unnatural", shopping, kittens, Mike, beaches, gnomes, tanning.
    Dislikes: Camping, fighting, training, hunting, nature, birds, massages, exploring
    Appearance: Will have pic soon.
    Strengths: Extremely talented healer, her shields can almost deflect anything. Never have had serious injure. attached to a huntard.
    Weakness: Has no offensive abilities, whatsoever. the worst she can do is hit you with a stick.
    History: She watched her people die from the wrath of the scourge and vowed to help all who suffered. She gave up being a mage and used the sun to bring hope to the victims of the third war.

    Ok here is pic!

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    A very good bio. An interesting concept and well written. Although I do question the 2200 years for the night elf, it isn't unheard of. It's all good from me.

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    "Has no offensive abilities, whatsoever. the worst she can do is hit you with a stick."

    Depanding on the stick, that could hurt quite alot.
    Also, planning to RP as both at the same time, or decide on one of em when you join a thread?

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    I like it. I also like how their likes and dislikes are complete opposites. Good story

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    Quote Originally Posted by End'ghao View Post
    A very good bio. An interesting concept and well written. Although I do question the 2200 years for the night elf, it isn't unheard of. It's all good from me.
    What you mean? The Stormrage brother's are 14K years old and Tyrande is like 12K
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