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    Pink Floyd slowed down 800%.

    I slowed down the guitar solo from Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" by 800% using the program PaulStretch, which turned it into an ambient masterpiece. I got all my inspiration from J-Biebz.


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    okey emmmm WHAT? is the fun with that....

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    If just the guitar solo is 15.25, gotta wonder how long the whole song would be.

    Or to take it even further, how long "Atom Heart Mother" or "Echoes" would be
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    Sounds Awesome. I'd rather download it though. Nolan did the same thing for the opening theme for Inception, stealing an old French introduction piece.

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    Thats is awesome, im gonna listen to that when I play Minecraft!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tricorn View Post
    Thats is awesome, im gonna listen to that when I play Minecraft!
    Oh god yes Q_Q

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    ...... you know that "slowing down" (because it's not actually slower) something 800% means you're going 7 times the speed of the original music but backwards, right?

    So, it's not actually what you've done there. It's impossible to slow down something more than 100%, 100% means you paused the music.

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