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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    "I need a Hero", with Bonnie Tyler.
    Because, playing a holypriest alone is no fun. :P
    oh man. I need to try that some time. I love that song!

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    Kelesti just gave up updating the links to the Orignal Post.


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    Being a priest is about a violent duality.

    Edit: found one much much better for My Shadow Theme song
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    holy. recommended when badass healing is needed

    but i find myself listening to alot of skillet while healing.

    broken bones - rev theory

    scream - A7X

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    My Holy Theme Songs

    <questing and 5 mans)>Cage The Elephant - Aint No Rest For The Wicked

    <BG Healing> Shadows Fall - The Light that blinds

    <Raid Healing> Any Bagpipe Music

    And because I'm usually drunk as hell after raids Bondo - F$%# You, I'm Drunk

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    I can't post links cause I haven't posted enough but meah, just youtube em if you wanta see them.

    Disc: The Bubble song

    Shadow: The Captured Vibe Restrung

    Holy: Yakety Sax
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grouchi View Post
    Kelesti just gave up updating the links to the Orignal Post.
    I did not. My ISP had a glitch when we server jumped, so I was stuck unable to connect until tonight. I'll get at it tomorrow when I get home from work, promise.
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    Bump~ in need of some sunshine today

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    One of my favorite shadowpriest songs:

    Sagisu Shiro - Treachery

    especially these parts of the lyrics:

    "I can smell that you're acting so fearfully"
    "I can touch but I know you don't feel a thing"
    "I can pray but I know you commit a sin"

    And for Discipline:

    The Dust Brothers - This is your life

    "Now imagine your pain is a white ball of healing light!" Pew-Pew-Penance!
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    I thought I posted already, I must be going a bit mad. Damn night shift and painkillers...

    For Shadow, I would go with 65 Days of Static - Ophelia Remix

    for my healing specs, I would go with either:

    65 Days of Static - Radio Protector

    The Flashbulb - That Missing Week
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    Fabulous thread!!
    As a shadow priest I prefer anything rock... distrubed, linkin park, tool, type o negative, and the like! Definitely makes gaming fun!!

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    Workers Song by Dropkick Murphys(mainly the 'we're the first ones to die' part)
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