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    Aion PVE

    I know I'm a little late, I bought Aion earlier this year but only leveled to like 15 or something. I know it's a heavily based PVP game but can anyone give me a Okayish overview of Aion endgame PVE?

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    boring, the endgame is almost non existent,
    you just have to grind fortress boss and instances that looks all the same

    i leveled a lvl50 chanter the first month, did all the instances,
    the first 30 lvl are the best part of the game ; they added some content btw

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    pretty much what Bowtux said...
    the game was good at the start because it was something new to play but then after hitting about 25 you get a choice to lvl fast and gain some Abyss points while your at it. which was in The Abyss. or you could lvl in the normal areas with alot less PVP confrontation...

    like in the Abyss 75% of your lvling is getting ganked by players with triple your HP and 4 times your dmg... oh and they go in groups.
    normal lvling areas you only encounter the other faction if a rift was opened and usually its another group of players at lvl 50 compared to your lvl 25...

    they didnt even have mounts in the game... so everywhere you went you had to run or if you found a slope downwards you could glide. i hear they added mounts now...

    the reason its mainly a grind after lvl 30 is because at 25 you get to do NTC which was a dungeon for lvl 25-30 you got to do it once a day and it got you pretty much a full lvl if your group cleared everything... if you got kicked out of the group for any reason after killing even 1 mob you gotta wait 17 hours til you can enter it again. i stopped at around 30 or 31 i cant remember...

    eventually if you lvl in the normal areas all you get are repeat quests which give you the Same EXP you'd get for killing 3 mobs and like 25 Abyss points.
    making gold is gay as shit because you can only put 8 items in the Broker and your storage is very very limited, after every 2 or 3 lvls you HAVE to replace your armor or you will start to get hit for nearly double the amount. like on my sorc i was barely scraping by with my 10k Kinah and getting nearly 2 shot by mobs because i needed far better gear if you got a Rare item you were lucky as hell and it would sell for 50k lol.

    sad thing is i bought Collectors Edition... i got some nice Wings that gave HP and like 15 secs more flight time and 2 useless emotes and some EXP potions which helped alot but still made the game a grind...

    all in all you wasted money unless you find this game fun

    EDIT i totally didnt say anything you wanted to hear. but anyway Bowtux said all that, pretty much you hope to god your guild is really good or you wont get the Fortresses or do a lot of farming in the dungeons atleast thats what my guild was doing... they had to sit there and farm for the Legendary's to drop...

    in the Forts theres PVPVE and all it is is you and your guild vs opposite faction vs other guilds vs Balaur vs more guilds vs a Fortress Guardian.
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    i dont know, since i quit as soon as i reached max lvl. (cleric)
    the farming and grinding needed to be just decent in this gear-based game is ridiculous :\
    and its full of ebayers and bots.
    beautiful game tho, i could just login and run around just to watch the landscapes and the abyss =D

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