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    (Baron) Gazlow Flamesprocket

    Name: (Baron) Gazlow Flamesprocket
    Race: Goblin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Class: Steam Warrior, Techno Mage

    Affiliation: Is currently being paid by The Horde although sometimes does neutral and alliance jobs but most of his emplyers are Horde

    Appearance: he is Bald with Light Olive Green skin, Blood shot eyes, Pointy ears and a scar across his face from a Loan Shark, his face always looks grumpy and violent. He wears Bright Red robes with a Red hood to match, when riding his Shredder he wears scarlet Goggles.

    Although he has other Wardrobes

    Equipment: a Battle Wrench ( A Giant Wrench simmilar to a Mace), His Shredder, a Belt with grenades attached and an Arcane Tome

    Personality: When Gazlow was rich he was a Big headed snooby goblin who didnt give a copper to a Begger, but after he was poor he became grumpy and angry all the time and made unesscery sarcastic comments. He never smiles excpet at his own snarky jokes about people. he dosent shout instead he makes fun of the person making him angry by twisting his words and making sarcastic comments about him.

    Likes: Money, Crafting Bombs, Money, War, Money, Fire Spells, Money, Wine espacily Elven Wine, Money, Gambling, Money, Women, Money, Adventure, Money, Harassing people, Money, Cigares and did i mention Money?
    Dislikes: Taxes, Tax cuts, Losing money on gambling, pay check cuts

    Strengths: Feirce and Powerful on the fiield of battle
    Weaknesses: cocky


    Gazlow was raised in the Island of Kezan by his parents, Wazzik and Abigail Flamesprocket, His Father Wazzik was a very successful Business man and Engineer, trading with both factions, and his Mother Abigail was a very talented Gunsmith and Engineer and she taught her son how to be an Engineer and helped him create his first Mechanical Dog and over the years a Shredder. Wazzik and Abigail were the Perfect team, she would make guns and contraptions and Wazzik would sell them, their family lived a happy and rich life, every night they would eat exotic fish from the Great sea imported from Azshara and Drink Elven wine from Crystal Glass. Let's say they lived the Goblin Dream.
    One day a Horde Ship landed on Kezan and requested to meet with Gazlow's Parents, the orcs wanted them to join them at the war for Alterac Valley and craft the warriors Guns and Weapons, at first they didn’t agree because they didn’t want to risk their necks, but then the orcs told them they are willing to pay a large sum of gold so and hastily agreed, they joined the orcs on their ship and leaving their 18 year old son behind.
    Gazlow lived the Bachelor's life, buying tickets to the latest foot bomb games and inviting Goblin women to his mansion. Gazlow lived the high life for a long one year until tragedy struc, an orc messenger came to announce the death of Wazzik and Abigail Flamesprocket, Gazlow was sad by the news but he got over it a month after their death, Gazlow inherited all of his Father and Mother's belongings, his father's prize collection of Shredders, he had one of every kind of metal in Azeroth and Outland, Gold Shredders, Silver Shredders, Arcanite Shredders you name it! he also inherited their beach house in Azshara and all of his parent's riches . Thinking this money would last a life time he didn’t get a job. He was wrong.
    Three years passed since Wazzik and Abigail's Death, Gazlow was 21 an adult now and he still doesn't have a job, Gazlow always visited the Goblin casino and he would always lose all his bettings and the time came he had to pay his dues but he had no money left, so had to go to a loan shark, the Loan Shark's name was Razgul Tinkerstorm and he gave Gazlow the money for paying his taxes, a month passed and Razgul sent his goons to get his money from Gazlow, Gazlow didn’t have it, so the loan sharks scared his face with a dagger and they warned him if he didn’t have the money by next week he would be swimming with the fishes.
    Gazlow sold everything, his father's shredders, the beach house, the mansion. Everything he had to pay the loan shark or it would be his head, Gazlow was now poor with nowhere else to go he made his services for hire, he cursed himself for not having a job, if he did he would have been able to pay the taxes without having to go to the loan shark, Gazlow was forced to clean the Bathrooms of the rich Goblins of Kezan and his rich relatives no longer contacted him or gave him money. He saw through the eyes of his servants of the past, Gazlow’s life was miserable until hope landed on shore, a Blood Elf had come to Kezan to hire a Goblin apprentice, all the Goblins were willing but Gazlow was sitting in the back thinking he would never accept a filthy goblin like him, but the Blood Elf felt pity for him and hired him, the Blood Elf introduced himself as Thalorath Brightspear and he told Gazlow that he was a mage and needed an assistant to help him with the basics, like going out to buy reagents and cleaning my house

    Gazlow worked for Thalorath for five years in Eversong woods it was a nice job, he only had to buy Thalorath Regents from Silvermoon, retrieve him his books and clean his house, but when Thalorath was practicing his spells he gave Gazlow a Break, during his Break Gazlow would read one of Thalorath's books about the Arcane, over the three years Gazlow became a Mage and was able to cast spells as good as his Master Thalothas, Gazlow thought he can make money with this new found power he could make more money than an apprentice so he asked for a Pardon from his master Thalothas and he agreed, Gazlow set of to his Homeland Kezan with the money he made as an apprentice and bought him a small house and some engineering tools, he spent most of his time building his Shredder made out of Dark Iron and practicing his Mage skills, he conjoined his Mage abilities and his engineering skill to become a Techno Mage, Gazlow became a Mercenary, He rode his Shredder into battle against the Enemy and using his mage abilities to freeze them in place to decapitate them with his shredder's buzzsaw, he was unstoppable, the Horde heard about the Techno Mage Gazlow Flamesprocket and hired him and gave him the title, "The Baron of War" for his expertise in warfare, magic and Engineering.
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