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    Oh yes, Youtube. Clearly Joe Bob's Youtube video tells the truth and can't possibly be biased in any way shape or form. Man, what is it "The Most Retarded Final Fantasy Fans Come Out of the Woodwork" week or something? These mouth breathers are on the SE Defense force worse than shit on velcro.

    I also find it humorous that instead of trying to say why my argument against the fatigue system is wrong (it isn't), you decide to talk about Youtube.



    And no, a lot of people do not talk about how easy it is to avoid surplus EXP. Quite the opposite in fact on any decently run forum, and the common complaint is that they can't do anything because as of NOW it is actually shared across all classes and kicks in at random times. The common trend is to log out and log back in, with a randomly determined number of battles until they start to experience fatigue again. But, you're too busy watching Youtube to actually read, so I understand.

    (NOTE: I do not bash all FF fans. Only the retarded ones.)
    If I was talking about youtube the whole post would be about youtube, but its not. It's obvious all you want to do is sit there and call people names to make yourself special. Reason I suggest RocsLock video is because he was in beta that means he has hands on experience with the system there for he is more knowledgeable then you and I. You say its shared across all job's right now, well obviously you haven't been informed that the beta phase 3 has ended last week. It has been said and talked about from people who have hand on exp with the system that it is not spread across all classes.

    You also have to think that stuff change as time progresses through the beta from which in phase 3 the exp limit was not across all job's. I am trying to have a good debate about this but you obviously just want to spout out negative comments and call everyone names who try to correct you. If your information was correct you wouldn't be resorting to petty name calling but you're acting like people who hate to be wrong so they resort to such thing. Why don't you actually talk to people who have had first hand experience with the experience system rather then go with an old post.

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    This has gone way too far into the personal insult zone. Closing.

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