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    Inception by far, the best movie EVER made imho.

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    Iron man 2
    Get him to the greek
    Toy story 3
    A team
    Dinner for shmucks
    Shutter island

    Movies im looking forward to;

    Social network

    Thats bout it!

    Also in no order but if i had to choose the BEST out of those id say inception.

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    Easily Inception and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I enjoyed everything I've seen, The Last Exorcism, Resident Evil, Machete was an awesome treat, but the first two were head and shoulders above the rest.

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    Scott Pilgrim, without a doubt! I havent enjoyed a film that much in years. Total eye candy, original idea, great jokes, great action and not to mention a ridiculously hot girl with pink hair! Yes please!

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    Scott Pilgrim is tying The Matrix as the object of my affection.. It was that good

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    scott pilgram and inception take the prize. holy shit amazing
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    so sad scott pilgrim was a box office bomb =[ sad times

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    I actually looked into Scott Pilgrim after all the good reviews here. Looks awesome.

    Ill have to watch it at some point. But Im still not sure it would be #1.
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    Inception, probly my favorite film this year
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    Inception, Kick-Ass and The Losers (Spring release, but close enough) were my favorites. There were plenty of other movies that were good, but as for what the movie intended on offering vs. what it actually presented, my 3 stand as the best IMHO. The Expendables would have taken The Losers place, but John Spartan was already in Demolition Man and shouldn't have been in a Rambo movie.

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    Scott Pilgirm Vs. The World.. Most amazing movie ever haha seen it 4 times and still is not old =p... Better than Inception for sure. If you are iffy on watching it just go see it you will love it... I saw it the day it came out thinking it was going to be horrible and it ended up being one of the best movies I have ever seen and definitely best move of 2010 for me.

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    Inception. It made my top 5.

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    Inception probably. Liked Predators too, cuz action is the best genre for me.
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    Inception without a doubt.
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