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    Remember kids, anyone who doesn't accomplish something by the time you do is a scrub. And encounters should be hard enough that you can barely beat it since that's the perfect balance.

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    Time to start farming MC and BWL..... again.

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    Love the new models! And the screenshots!

    About the Legendary achievement: Good cause then they won't make people go back to farm everything. Would just be annoying for those who already are the owner of legendary items. But not good if you just can invite players with the legendaries to a guild and they get the achievement, and then they can leave again.

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    I don't know about the rest, but I sure love the whole "dragon-theme" for this expansion. Sure, there's the Goblin's high tech and the Worgen's misty-nightmarish thingy, but for me, the return of the Dragons as the main feature in the game is just pure awesomeness.

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    Cho'gall, looks creepy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryn View Post
    I probably missed something lore wise but why does Lady Sinestra look dead? In the Outlands she looked very much alive.
    Well she is alive, it's just that in Outland she used a generic dragon model so you couldn't see the scars afflicted upon her by Deathwing attempting to mate with her and being defeated by Korialstrasz.

    Also, I'm not sure, but I believe BC takes place before she created the first Twilight Dragons, one of whom, Dargonax, destabilized during a fight with various dragons and lore heroes and burned away, taking Sinestra with him.

    Whether she survived or died but was resurrected is up to speculation.

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    The egg snatcher herself.

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    Argh i wanna watch the MLG! But stuck at the GF's place, having to attend a dinner party XD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Store1989 View Post
    Argh i wanna watch the MLG! But stuck at the GF's place, having to attend a dinner party XD!
    Just bring a laptop and "go to the bathroom" every 10 minutes or so...they will be none the wiser mwahaha

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    Wasn't there a fifth ascendant, Monstosoue or something. Perhaps they will merge into him during the fight or as a hard mode?

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    Reskins everywhere

    Atleast Cho'gall looks neat until there's a neutral faction of recoloured clones (just smaller)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackBauerLOL View Post

    Reskins everywhere

    Atleast Cho'gall looks neat until there's a neutral faction of recoloured clones (just smaller)
    This is exactly why Blizzard should stop listening to the whining masses and just make the damn game the way they want. Seriously? Reskins? It's two 'generic' Twilight dragons, which look like--gasp!--OTHER DRAGONS.

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    Wow, does anyone else think that Cho'gall's googly eye totally robs him of some of his intimidation?

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    Lady Sinestra.. Wasn't it her who had that little repeating cut scene in smv when grinding netherwing rep?

    Was ideantical in appearance to ony if I remember right, now she looks like a giant glow worm, was it something she ate?

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    Have you guys missed something? no ones mentioning, WE MIGHT RAISE THE LVL CAP TO 85 NEXT PATCH! !

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    Finally some druid feral talk and i don't feel any love for it.

    Improvements in cataclysm are almost none.

    My favorite WOTLK class is druid specially feral both tank and cat but since there isn't gonna be almost no changes i wont stay faithful for much longer, i need new stuff, loads.
    Even resto their just gonna change rotation.


    I'm gonna rerrol now... kk whine more.

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    Wow, a news post that doesn't consist of a wall of text of GC responding to Paladin QQ.

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    I want my 2700g back blizzard! Oh wait, wrong news post...

    Same old dragon model reskinned! Lazy blizzard!

    Did I get this news post's QQ, right?

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    you have to admit, the bastions look pretty badass.

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    I love CHo'gal body eyes.

    There on his right arm there is a eyeball going 'What!?' and the eye of his chest is staring at it going 'I hate you so much arm eye.' xD hat made me giggle. Eyes with minds of their own xD... maybe kinda creepy too.

    But next patch raising the cap to 85 with ton new content... SQUEEE! Getting closer : DD

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