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    Bastion of Twilight, MLG Raleigh, Blue Posts

    Bastion of Twilight - Build 12803 Preview
    Bastion of Twilight will be one of the first raid instance of the expansion.

    There are 4 encounters in Bastion of Twilight, plus an additional Heroic-Only encounter.

    • Valiona and Theralion
    • Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    • Twilight Ascendant Council (Ignacious, Feludius, Arion, and Terrastra)
    • Cho'gall
    • Lady Sinestra (Heroic Only)

    Zone Screenshots
    The screenshots of the zones are without NPCs or doodads, this isn't representative of the final instance, just a preview of the architecture. Obviously a subzone like the Throne of Apocalypse is more impressive when Cho'gall is here sitting on his huge throne.

    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image Pop Up Image
    Pop Up Image Pop Up Image

    MLG Raleigh Tournaments This Weekend
    Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
    Tune in this weekend to the MLG Raleigh Starcraft II and World of Warcraft tournaments!

    The live streams for North America's first major StarCraft II event start at 2:00 PM PDT, today, Friday August 27 with the Pre-Game Show featuring Day9, JP, HD/Husky, Vhell and Vansilli. The matches culminate in the championship finals held tomorrow, Saturday August 28 at 2:30 PM PDT. All matches feature live commentary by Day9, JP, and Husky.

    The MLG World of Warcraft games begin at 4:00 PM PDT on Saturday with the championship match running at 2:30PM PDT on Sunday.

    For more information about the teams attending, tournament schedule and how to watch the streams, visit
    Live Streams

    WoW Schedule
    Saturday August 28th
    8:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Check-In / Account Setup
    3:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Check-In / Account Setup / Warm-Up
    7:00 PM - 7:40 PM - Dinner Break
    7:40 PM - 10:00 PM - Winners Round 1

    Sunday August 29th
    8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Warm-Up
    10:00 AM - 11:10 AM - Losers Round 1
    11:10 AM - 12:20 PM - Winners Round 2
    12:20 PM - 1:30 PM - Losers Round 2
    1:30 PM - 2:00 PM - Lunch Break
    2:00 PM - 2:35 PM - Losers Round 3
    2:35 PM - 3:10 PM - Winners Round 3
    3:10 PM - 3:45 PM - Losers Round 4
    3:45 PM - 4:20 PM - Losers Round 5
    4:20 PM - 4:55 PM - Winners Finals
    4:55 PM - 5:40 PM - Losers Finals
    5:40 PM - 6:25 PM - Finals

    Starcraft 2 Schedule
    Friday August 27th
    10:30 AM - 1:30 PM - Early Check-In
    1:30 PM - 5:00 PM - Check-In / Warm-Up / Account Setup
    5:00 PM - 5:30 PM - Welcome
    5:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Winners Round 1
    7:30 PM - 8:30 PM - Losers Round 1
    8:30 PM - 9:30 PM - Winners Round 2
    9:30 PM - 10:30 PM - Losers Round 2
    10:30 PM - 11:30 PM - Winners Round 3 / Losers Round 3

    Saturday August 28th-
    8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Warm-Up
    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Losers Round 4
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Winners Round 4 / Losers Round 5
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Losers Round 6
    1:00 PM - 2:00 PM - Winners Round 5 / Losers Round 7
    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Losers Round 8
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Winners Finals / Losers Round 9
    4:00 PM - 5:30 PM - Losers Finals
    5:30 PM - 7:00 PM - Finals

    UI Addon Functionality Returning
    Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
    With the release of the next beta patch, we plan to re-enable the ability for players to use third-party addons. Many of the core user interface features are now implemented in the beta test and functional, so we feel it’s a good time to open up the field for developing and testing UI modifications.

    Be sure to continue leaving us feedback about all of the new user interface features here:

    Feedback about the new guild interface can be provided to us here:

    Blue Posts
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    We Are Legendary - Retroactive!
    We are making a exception for this guild achievement. Any legendary items you have already earned will count. (Source)

    New content for the next Beta Patch
    We do not plan to patch today, though we plan to have a great deal of new content in the upcoming patch. You'll get access to new zones and dungeons, and potentially an increase in level cap to 85. (Source)

    Druid (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
    Feral Q&A
    Can you make savage roar undispellable?
    This is something we're discussing, but haven't made a decision yet.

    Will Shred ever have no positional? : \
    We like Shred and Backstab with positional requirements. We haven't changed our stance on this. If you find Shred too difficult to use in PvE, then Mangle. If you're not happy in PvE with the damage you can do while Mangling, and can't manage to stay in a position where you can Shred, then I hate to say it but this probably isn't the spec for you. In PvP we think it's more of an issue, but we've also buffed Mangle to where you can do credible damage with it.

    Will dash be given the same treatment as sprint? (lower CD lower dura)
    We think Dash is fine.

    Is the new version of innervate intended to be worth less to specs with small mana pools like Feral?
    Yes, exactly. In Cataclysm, healer mana matters a great deal. In that environment, having some dps who can prop up healer mana so well is quite overpowered. It's okay to have utility in providing the healers extra mana, but it can't get out of control. Balance and Resto druids will have bigger Innervates, but then they are also balanced around needing to use those on themselves most of the time.

    Can you change the new version of survival instincts to have less of an effect but a shorter CD?, 60% is great, but at a 5 min cd, id rather have 40% on a 3 minute cd or something to that effect ya know?
    This is the kind of thing we're still messing with. There are situations where the short cooldown weaker version is more useful and others where it isn't.

    Is Bear form damage going to be a little bit higher then it currently is for Cata? can pulverize and mangle at least hit harder then maul? its kinda lame that our talented abilities hit much weaker then maul in bear atm
    I wouldn't worry too much about numbers yet. We haven't made much of an effort to adjust them and won't until we're happy with the basic mechanics.

    What is the purpose of thorns? you've been consolidating weird buffs so, i figure this is on the list of weird buffs with no real purpose
    We think it has more of a purpose with more damage packed into a smaller window than weak damage available 100% of the time. In the latter case you'd never think twice about attacking someone with Thorns because it's never not there. It also asks a little more of the druid to use Thorns at the right time rather than just whenever the buff drops off. Thorns isn't a raid buff on the scale of something like Fortitude or Bloodlust so we see no reason to consolidate it.

    Paladin (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
    Crusader Strike
    I see this comment a lot, but I don't understand it. Can you explain to me why a 4.4 Crusader Strike is not strictly better than a 4.5 Crusader Strike? That might be the case if your rotation was so jam packed that you can't fit in another Crusader Strike until its cooldown drops by an entire 1.5 global cooldown, but we've gone on record saying that the rotation won't work that way. Hitting Crusader Strike even a fraction of a second sooner means a Templar's Verdict comes that sooner, letting you start the rotation again. That's a dps increase.

    Haste is valuable above and beyond the Sanctity of Battle talent of course. Swinging more often is a dps increase alone, and can also lead to more frequent Art of War procs or Seal ticks.

    Templar's Verdict at less than 3 stacks will almost never make sense unless you're in a situation where perhaps someone is running away (and for whatever reason you can't stun them etc.) so you might as well hit them now. (Source)

    Priest (Forums / 3.3.5 Talent Calculator / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Beta Skills/Talents)
    Lightwell Feedback Needed
    While any kind of feedback is helpful to a degree, we are much more interested in the feedback of players who have tried Lightwell in the most recent beta builds than those who just never cared for the talent. We are actively making changes to the spell to see how it plays, so it's important for us to know if the changes are noticeable and fun without that feedback getting buried under the cruft of bad reputation that Lightwell has built up over time. If it's still not cutting it, we're prepared to try something different, but we need a chance to see if that is in fact the case. (Source)

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    Heroic Lady Sinestra is....

    I think she changed her outfit from the BC days.

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    yay no annoying mlg stream plugin on main page =p

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    Baaah, I need Octoshape or whatever. Screw it.

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    "We Are Legendary - Retroactive!
    We are making a exception for this guild achievement. Any legendary items you have already earned will count."


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    EU times please!?


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    yay recolors

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    Ascendant Water Elemental looks great - I like the steaming water effects, can't wait to see them animated.

    Cho'Gall looks pretty goofy though... I'm kinda disappointed. The comic made him look like a gigantic two-headed Gronn. This model isn't nearly as impressive.

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    Thank god for no more stream on the front page. It would always crash my browser! Mozzeltoff!

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    How long will it take them to replace lightwell? As long as it's something a dps has to click on it will never work in 99% of situations. They are almost as stubborn with this spell as they are totem buffing.

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    Valiona is purple, does that mean he gets his old voice back?

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    Good nenws that the we are legendary became retroactive!

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    How come "Arion" looks like an earth elemental, while "Terrastra" wold then be the air/wind elemental? From the names I would thinks it's the other way around.

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    Good to see they won't make mangle spamming as good as shredding. Sad for the retroativity of "we are legendary". Does that mean a guy can offer on /2 to join a guild against 30k (i.e.) gold / legendary item he possess? Then give the achievement for the guild and leave to make another 30k / item of another guild? Or do you still need to be a member of the guild when the item felt (ex: Black Temple)?

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    Does that mean a guy can offer on /2 to join a guild against 30k (i.e.) gold / legendary item he possess?
    I would hope the achievement requires the member with the legendary to be revered or higher.

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    Damn twilight dragons look awesome.

    Bastion of Twilight though..... /drool. Can't wait

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    We are legendary was only given as an example of what could be required for the Dark Phoenix mount, not that it would be.

    Yeah, I could see people selling themselves to guilds so they can get the legendaries. But At least guild's that have already put in the hard work aren't getting punished now.

    The legendaries from vanilla and BC were pure RNG. Thunderfury, Sulfuras, The sunwell bow are have retarded drop rates.
    Last edited by Cernunnos; 2010-08-28 at 09:08 AM.

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    Lightwell would be fun if it was like the one priestesses use in ToC, so it throws bolts of light at people without full hp and heals em.

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    Lady Sinestra looks great.

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    Bastion looks amazing. Can't wait to fight Sinestra =3

    And what's up with Lightwell? Why not make it like the one the NPCs use in ToC5? It would be much more desirable if it worked like that.

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