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    In Utter Darkness SC2: Blaze Glory OMG HARD?

    i really wanna get that achei, but i died last time at 71 kills from it! and i couldnt beat the army the zergs had! someone knows a tactic to beat this Acheievement?
    at first, i just spammed Carriers. and then i got several Phoenixes, some Void Rays, the mothership you get later, and then some random ground units, stalkers, immortals and maybe something else. but i only really maked Carriers. it all worked well, but then i got killed last by an army of Hybrids and Corrupters (my poor army was maked of air-units so.... fuck) and then didnt had more gas left, and couldnt make more, so i was screwed as soon as they maked the air killers. around after 1400 kills, i lost the lower ground, and fighted up 2179 kills on the platform where you base lay. dunno if haveing lower ground is really important, maybe it is? anyway, my spam-Carriers failed, so someone knows a nice tactic to kill 2250 for acheievement?
    would be very helpful
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    Counter their units with the right kind of units for the job.

    Get a stupid huge amount of void rays, and build a proxy pylon near every entrance to your base. When your normal forces start to fail, get the Void Rays to attack the pylon until they're using their fully charged beams.. Then right click the enemy army and watch it fold almost frighteningly quickly.

    I've not tried for the achievement, but I don't see why it -wouldn't- work?
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    I massed a DT wall with some extra colossi and got a ton of phoenixes. Use phoenixes to air stun all the hybrids and shoot down overseers, DTs will do work on ground units. By the time they start sending massive air waves you should have Artanis and be laughing at the game. Air units are definitely the key, there comes a point where you get hit with hundreds of banelings backed up by ultras and hybrids, and anything on the ground simply WILL be dead from what I can tell.

    It also helps if you spam cannons...EVERYWHERE...with your extra minerals. And don't forget upgrades, either. When I did this achievement, I actually had to kill my own air units at the end because I was tired of waiting on the zerg to do it (Selendis takes FOREVER to kill, too).

    The lower section is only important for the research, which is not at all if you're just there for the achievements. It can be worth your while to pull back to your main base, two ramps leading to it are MUCH more easily defendable by a cannon wall backed up by colossi/air/etc. A few sentries on those ramps with heavy ranged and you could probably do work for a long time.
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    I got to like 3,3k on Brutal with a DT Wall,6-10 Phoenixes for the Ranged Hybrids and looooooooots of Voidrays.
    If you're only there for the Achievement, do it on normal.You can basically abandon the lower ground immediately and retreat to your high ground and wall of the ramps with cannons. Get some Colossi behind and watch them Zerg melt away. You can either transition into mass Voidray or Carriers as soon as you get them and afk at your ramps.

    P.S.: Don't forget to saturate your main ASAP and get Air Weapons/Armor/Shield upgrades in time.

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    Definitely the hardest mission in the game on Brutal. All-In was cake compared to this.

    First off, DT wall is a terrible way to do it on any difficulty. Waste of Gas and taking out the Overlords becomes increasingly painful and expensive when they start sending multiples at a time. Better to wall off with Gateways.

    Start off with getting more probes, you'll need a fair few to get your economy going. Build a forge (Upgrade everything 3/3/3 Ground 3/3 Air) / robo bay straight off then send that probe down to the three entrances and block them off with Gateways and Cannons (Mostly Gateways).
    Get a nice mix of Immortals (For Hybrids) / Colossi and also replace the Phoenixes that die and pump out a few Void Rays when they are available. Once you get access to Carriers make them non-stop.

    Also remember to put a tonne of Cannons up on your high ground for the second Nydus worm wave and retreat up there at about the 1 minute mark. Don't wall off up there before that because the remainder of your ground forces can hold out for a long time.

    This way you should be able to get the research for defending the Archives and the two kill Achievements even on Brutal.

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