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    VGA fan rattling

    Whoopie! my HD 5970 fan is making this "awesome" rattling sound. and I cant make it stop -.-

    it started 18 days ago, and then I managed to halt it by opening it and blowing at it. then closing it again. didnt use a proper small screwdriver, so a few of the screws lost its teeth.

    now its back and i cba to go through it again. I have ordered an ARCTIC COOLING ACCELERO XTREME 5970 today.

    the problem is, it doesnt come with its own set of screws...

    So I have to go through the pain of trying to get off the bad screws and put them onto the new cooler. thats something I really dont want to do!

    Do anyone know where I could get a hold of new screws for my MSI Radeon HD 5970? (the screws that hold the cooler module fastened to the VGA)

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    What did you use a butter knife to take the screws off?

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    I used a phillips screwdriver. It is thin on the tip, but not wide enough on the things that go out. so I grinded the tip of the teeth on some screws =/

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    how badly? you could try a flathead screw driver.

    Video is a Palit GTS450. Main display is a 24" full HD TV. Secondary display is an ACER 19" lcd at 1440x900.

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    Why dont you just find the same small screws from somewhere else then?

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    I have thought about going to a nearby hardware store to check. just wanted to see if I was able to get the exact ones that I need.

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