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    Google Chrome issues

    I recently installed Chrome and made it my default browser after having many weeks of Firefox memory leeks and problems with it slowing down my system. Since iv switched iv had a few problems, one of the ones that annoys me the most is when im browsing sites that have lots of thumbnails, IE 4chan and many others, the thumbnails have broken link pictures on them and i dont see the pic. I check on firefox and it works fine. Also when i have Chrome set as my default browser i cannot log into the java applet for WOL. Iv posted on their forums and pmed the admins there but no response for the past week. Last night i went and made firefox the default browser and it allowed me to log into the java app for WOL. Any clue or help in fixing it on chrome would be awesome.

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    Go here http://download.java.net/jdk6/ download JRE (Java Runtime environment)you will then be able to use those sites.

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    It wont let me install it saying i cant do it with my internet settings and the java help site isnt worth shit and it would cost me 50$ to ask them wtf is wrong.

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    Try this link http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/in...ads/index.html

    Actually it sounds like your security setting are on a setting that isn't letting you access certain websites.
    Go to control panel > internet options > Privacy tab.
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