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    Network Card problems! Need help.

    Hello everyone.

    I bought a new computer a few months back, and its great, however it got a flaw

    Every now and then my Network Card get disabled by itself and I lose my internet connection, I have tried everything that I can come up with.

    What happens is: I got the following programs up; ventrilo, firefox and a random online game, like WoW, HoN or MW2. Suddently my network disables it self and I have to deactivate it and activate it again before my internet connection comes back.

    FYI: I have tried updating the driver and I have tried checking off the power management tab under network card's device manager...

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    Is it a wireless connection?

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    Nope. It's like the network card simply lose connection to the motherboard, or something.

    When it happens the network card is not showed in the device manager either... Then I re-enable the connection and everything works fine.

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    That almost sounds like a driver issue to me, but you said you'd updated it. If it randomly appears and disappears from Device Manager, then it may be a hardware flaw if the driver is actually working properly.

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    Strange then that re-enabling brings it back tho.

    Have you looked at the event log when it just happened ? And how do you re-enable it btw ?
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    I haven't checked the logs (dunno how to read em ^^) I re-enable it by deactivating og activating the lan connection...

    However I made myself a .bat file as a solution, It checks if I got connection to google ever 3rd sec, if I don't it restart my lan connection.

    I'm not sure if this will lag me out of WoW or not however But some games give a little connection margin ^^

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    Well, might be a long shot but have you tried a different network cable ?

    Also, check to see if the nic has it's own processor and turn in on if it's not on yet, or else, turn it off.
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