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    Michael Cera Warcraft movie rolls

    Long time reader, first time poster here, hi everyone. As the title entails, I simply had to post a topic about this after reading something similar about Michael Cera and his "slacker teenager" roll that he keeps assuming in every movie... Wouldn't it be nice to see him branch out a bit? I think so, so I've proposed the idea that he be included in the up and coming Warcraft movie directed by Sam Raimi. To get the ball rolling, how about Varian Wrynn's son? They could shop him short like they did elijah wood in LOTR. Thats just a suggestion though, I'm more interested to here what the vast majority has to say..

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    I honestly dont care for him.
    With his image I really would not want to see him in the Warcraft movie.
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    Judging from how badly Scott Pilgrim tanked at the box office, having him branch out into other rolls would do wonders for his career right now.

    Definitely wouldn't want him in the Warcraft movie, though. I'd take Jonah Hill or Mclovin before him if we absolutely had to.
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    Warcraft is going to be one of those movies where he just wouldn't fit.. Warcraft is a universe of burly men and equally burly female orcs.

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    I'm not over dramatizing this when I say that would ruin the movie for me if he had any role. I refuse to see Scott Pilgrim just because he is in it. I don't see why so many people think he's funny when he fills the same role in every movie he's in -the awkward, skinny high school kid that's trying to get a chick. If his career doesn't tank I'm sure we'll see him in more high school comedies eight years from now... when he's thirty...

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    Since he looks like he'd play WoW, I can see him being the main character that falls asleep and dreams of being in Azeroth. He'd be a human hunter or something.

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    I love Michael Cera, he is so cute omg!

    but...He doesn't seem suitable for a Warcraft Movie, unless he was a little gnome.

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    topper mcnab mayhbe?

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    I can't wait to see the gnome actors :P
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    I kinda like Michael Cera, I can relate to that "awkward teenager" type of characters he usually plays. It reminds me of me when I used to be in high school.

    However, I don't really see him in a Warcraft movie though.
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    He would make an epic Innkeeper, that's about it. So you can be like "Hey it's that guy" for 3 minutes and never see him again. Either him or Tom Cruise as an Innkeeper.

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    hey guys whats that movie starring michael cera as an awkward teenager..?

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