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    Cataclysm vs Guild Wars 2

    So, which do you think will be the best game?
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    Guild Wars 2.

    It looks more impressive then World of Warcraft, and frankly I am getting bored of World of Warcraft. It is time for something new and for me Guild Wars 2 takes the cake. Why?

    - No monthly subscription. I'm tired of all the companies out their trying to drain me of my money each month with monthly subscriptions. I get enough of that with rent, electric, and cable bills. I have grown a brain, and I am done with that from games.

    - Beautiful graphics, way better then what WoW has.

    - Game play looks epic. Look at my other thread and click on the 50 minute game play video. Watch it through, but I want you to check out 40 minutes and on. There is a boss fight that is EPIC. Supposedly, the more people that join in on the boss fight the more abilities and the harder the boss will be.

    - Very little grinding.

    - No dedicated roles. In the real world, in books, in films, there is no threat table, there are no instant healers, it's a much more dynamic style, you look after yourself and your team, with good positioning, crowd control, debuffs/buffs.

    There is much more, but I suggest you check out that 50 minute video. Read up on the classes they just announced, go to the GW2 forums: . There is a reason why Guild Wars 2 has the most hype of upcoming MMO games. Because it is just that damn good and is turning out to be one epic MMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianCC100 View Post

    There is much more, but I suggest you check out that 50 minute video.
    Can you link to the vid?

    My main qualm with the game, is that it's related with NCSoft. I have had really bad experiences in the past with a few games. They just don't seem to support their games very well, and also end up being very rushed. Hopefully this is not the cast with GW2.
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    Already said what i needed to say. Is it really fair to compare a big expansion pack to a brand new game though?
    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SensenmanN View Post
    Can you link to the vid?

    My main qualm with the game, is that it's related with NCSoft. I have had really bad experiences in the past with a few games. They just don't seem to support their games very well, and also end up being very rushed. Hopefully this is not the cast with GW2.

    I think NCSoft is just supporting the game. ArenaNet are the ones who are making this wonderful game. Don't let NCSoft turn you away from this game, Guild Wars 1 was a good game, but Guild Wars 2 is going to be even better. Check out the video I linked, go to the Guild Wars 2 website, check out the forums to ask questions. It is going to be one epic game and I am ready for it now. I want it now! lol I guess I have to wait for beta to get my hands on the game, if I can manage to get it.

    To Cara: I'm not sure what you said, sorry. As to your question, I don't see why not. World of Warcraft gets compared to every other new MMO. Age of Conan, Warhammer, Aion, LOTRO. But Guild Wars 2 is much different from all those games and World of Warcraft.

    Guild Wars 2 is not trying to be a "WoW killer" Guild Wars 2 is not copying off of WoW in hopes to draw people to their game. They are doing something innovative such as no dedicated classes, random events, very little grinding, great personal stories. That is why I think Guild Wars 2 will be very successful. Just read up on the game, and give it a shot when the beta comes out.
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    note this... I will be playing both since it only costs to buy GW2 while i can skip it when i have my 2 months of cata.

    both are good and vs threads about games is just as meaningful as pie vs cake
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    Also, feel free to comment on why you made your choice.

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    GW2 is a pos. Sure a pos that looks great but ultimately it's just a pos.
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    Cataclysm hands down.

    Whole new world to level in.
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    I used to play Guild Wars every Tuesday during maintenance and when I was bored of WoW, and it was pretty good as far as PvP went. The game was perfect in its purpose until they started introducing all the new features with the "expansions" to try and turn it into something it was never supposed to be (a PvE game).

    Hopefully this new game will give the devs at Arena-net a finer-tuned focus on what their priorities are (compared to the original, this game is completely different), since the game has been in development for a long time. All this news and hype about the game is quite sudden in comparison to the announcement so long ago and the long doldrum of nothingness between then and now.

    I don't know. I'll be playing both naturally, but so far from the gameplay they've shown us I'll probably be spending slightly more time in Guild Wars 2 then Cataclysm. But we'll see.
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    I used to play Guildwars 1 and i didn't think much of it, so my vote has to be for Cataclysm.

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    You already know the result when you post WoW vs X poll on WoW focusing forums.
    And also what's the point in comparing an expansion to whole new game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Veelox View Post
    I used to play Guildwars 1 and i didn't think much of it, so my vote has to be for Cataclysm.
    GW1=/=GW2 ?
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    Because Dewote, I have this friend who is so hyped about GW2 that he think that it would severly harm WoWs population. And GW2 = semiexpansion imo, it's loosely based on the first game. And seeing WoW's change in Cataclysm I would go as far as seeing it as a semi-new game.

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    cataclysm. the changes to the old world are awesome. if they make a mac version for gw2… gw2 all the way
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    Guild wars 2, the wow killer lol xdddddd

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    Time to be objective and not subjective guys. Stop arguing for you your favorite game and against the other.

    In my opinion, Guild Wars 2 will win by far. I do not think that because I am tired of WoW which I am aswell, but because Guild Wars 2 have more potential. Don't judge the way I argue, as that is my reason to vouch and start with Guild Wars 2 rather than Cataclysm.

    First of all, let's take a look at what lies beneath the gameplay itself. Past the last 5-6 years, all active WoW players have had to pay fees like hell, together with the game and expansions aswell. Neither Guild Wars 1 nor the upcoming Guild Wars 2 will require that fee. You'll only need to pay for the game itself.

    Secondly the graphics in Guild Wars 2 is said to be better than the improved Cataclysm graphic. In addition Guild Wars 2 has a more realistic look in the graphic than WoW, which means that gear, buildings and so on most likely will look a lot more real than in WoW.

    Next up, is that there are no levelig-curves in Guild Wars 2 as there are in WoW, when it comes to leveling time. In Guild Wars, leveling from lv 1 to 2 will take the same amount of time as 79-80 will. That basicly means that you won't get as bored regarding skills and so on as in WoW, because you will update them more often.

    The storyline is supposed to be better on Guild Wars 2 aswell. Missions are not supposed to be such random as a lot of quests in WoW (but also Guild Wars 1) are. If you for example refuse to do a mission, the story is going to change. In addition, if decide to transfer the multiplayer part regarding town-to-town missions, which basicly means that you'll need other players to complete a mission which take you from a town to another, that is also a huge story line improvement. (I am not able to say that for sure, I only read it randomly).

    Guild Wars 2 will also have a more new stuff from the first Guild Wars than Cataclysm will from the previous WoW games. Several new races are introduced, there may be new classes, underwater ability will be given and you can finally jump and go down cliffs and so on. The things I last mentioned are on WoW now aswell, but it's a fairly nice improve for those who plays/used to play Guild Wars 1.

    When Age of Conan was released, a lot of people would like to try that, but it failed. The reason was simple a way to early release. Guild Wars 2 have used a lot more time than first expected, which may very well be a sign of perfecition, which of course may be discontention aswell. As Age of Conan fixed their mistakes, bugs etc. players started to play again, and they actually got enough players to make an expansion and earn on it, despite of the bad first impression and all the players who felt they wasted a lot of money on pre-ordering and game time. Several millions already know what ArenaNet is capable of, and other interested poeple know that Guild Wars 2 has been developed for a long time now.

    In spite of that, WoW has a lot more players world-wide than Guild Wars 1 ever had, which may equal a better marked for Cataclysm than Guild Wars 2.

    As a conclusion, I would say that even though WoW easily beat Guild Wars when it comes to amount of players, Guild Wars 2 will have a much greater potensial to knock out WoW than people may think. WoW will still be based on grinding and waiting for a raid group while Guild Wars 2 is supposed to have a wider perspective regarding cooperative gameplay and the anti-grinding philosophy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnZent View Post
    Stop arguing for you your favorite game and against the other.
    So you say people shouldn't argue for the game they enjoy the most, just like you did?

    Ever thought of that some people actually enjoy the WoW graphics more than "realistic" graphics?

    I can't really say that the last 10 levels of WoW is a long, tedious grindfest... It takes max 2 hours per level ON THE HIGHEST LEVELS, it wouldn't be as fun if you had to use 1 hour each lvl up to 80. Also, having to use 30min-1hour or who knows how long it will take would be boring if you are going to try all the classes to find the one you like best. The first levels are generally also very boring.

    I don't know if you have heard about reading up on lore? Or maybe the increased focus on phased quests? WoW is a lot more fun if you actually know what you do and if you actually read the quest text. I've heard they are some pretty awesome quests in Cataclysm (I can't confirm this since I don't like spoiling that sort of stuff).

    The fact that you list the ability to jump as a big improvement, which is a given in WoW, and you call this a bigger improvement that WoW will get, says something about that you have not read alot about Cataclysm changes.

    Seeing as you obviously don't know much about Cataclysm, you obviously don't know about the changes that many players have been asking about for many years? Like CC coming back and healers watching mana. I would say that Cataclysm is going to be the best game of all the WoW games.

    If GW2 follows in the same tracks as GW1, you will instead of grinding (for what? gold?) be running constantly for 30 min. If you are grinding you are atleast using your spells. I can't really see what else you are suppose to do in PvE as a big group if you can't wait for a raidgroup. In GW1 the closest you got to PvE you got was a max (?) 8 man group which you could fill up with NPCs; sounds really fun. My GW experience = run really far, stiff controls, only able to have 8 spells of (I've heard that you can have 10 in GW2, where 5 of them depends on your weapon, 1 is a healing spell and the rest you can choose yourself), and small groups with NPCs that you go "town-to-town" missions with.

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    GW2 looks pretty good, but cataclysm looks better

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    Quote Originally Posted by aimless View Post
    Guild wars 2, the wow killer lol xdddddd
    GW2 is not trying to be a WoW killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutilator12 View Post
    GW2 looks pretty good, but cataclysm looks better
    No way ? WoW sucks, vanilla sucked, TBC sucked more, Wrath of the lich king sucked even more and what will cataclysm do ? Suck a camel ?

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