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    Quote Originally Posted by Duster505 View Post
    How on earth are Holy palas gonna work without Illumination and divine plea down to 10% every 2 mins ? Are these guys serious ?
    stuff just gets balanced around it of course

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fowl View Post
    Captain Cookie! That's amazing, he was always my favorite VC boss =)

    And Tragedy in Three Acts, I wonder if that's a reference to Pyramus and Thisbe?
    I thought of exactly the same thing and im pretty sure thats what it is. :P

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    lvl 85, Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Felwood, Thousand Needles all confirmed in this patch

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    holy shit balls i might have to go back to arms with that Sweeping Strikes buff

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    SQUEE! Maybe this was already known, but the fact that Lord Godfrey's going to be a boss in SFK makes me dance with glee. I was beyond pissed when he got away with suicide, when I was itching to kill him so damn bad. This has made my WEEK.

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    What a day for me. First, I get LK down finally on Live, and then we get Level 85 testing open on the Beta.

    Happy, happy days!!

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    don't forget the most important note about this patch

    "Zul'Gurub is gone as a raid instance come Cataclysm."

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    Quote Originally Posted by masteryuri View Post
    wow wow finally lv 85!
    Where does it say that the level cap is 85 now? o_O Only saw a blue saying it MAY be increased in the next patch

    edit: nvm,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Selenia View Post
    stuff just gets balanced around it of course
    Funny joke!
    Lok'tar Ogar!

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    Cool new launcher <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by sithorion View Post
    not really much people saying it yet, but every aoe gets buffed with 33%.. Why would they do that, I thought they weren't going to let us roflstomp true every trashgroup.. buffing aoe seems to be contradicting that
    Little nitpick, but Consecration got nerfed, not buffed. Open question: was Consecration really OP or something? I do agree that the AE buffs though do seem a little out of place considering how hard they've been pushing the whole, "You won't AE your way through Cata," argument.

    In general the Paladin changes really make me sad, but I haven't been too happy with a most of the changes they've been making to Paladins, so it's really not surprising ... Most of the other stuff looks promising (or in the case of some class changes, I don't know enough to make up my mind :P), but I am less and less excited about taking my Paladin main from 80-85 all the time.

    EDIT: and ZG gone? wtf?? :'(
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    They are buffing aoe damage because there will be fights where aoe will be used, it will be a strategy not THE strategy, and it will require groups to think about what their doing and choosing aoe or CC will be choices that will make or break an encounter and to be honest I'm glad, as a warlock in a heroic I could use seed of corruption and nothing else, even on bosses, and it makes no difference which is a problem.

    Healers are going to be about healing intelligently not constantly, you're gonna have free GCDs in cata, this is where you throw in some damage spells which through talents somehow benefit your healing or mana regen, paladins are probably the best off in terms of mana regen with the seal of truth that gives you mana back just for beating on an enemy with your weapon in addition to their blessing of might. They want to get healers more involved in the combat, I know how it is, I'm usually staring at my healbot window making sure everyone is being kept alive and only occasionally glancing at the fight to make sure I'm not standing in fire or something.

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    Cataclysm Dungeons

    * Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero - Complete the heroic Cataclysm dungeon achievements listed below while in a guild group.
    * Heroic: Blackrock Caverns Guild Run - Defeat Ascendant Lord Obsidius on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Throne of the Tides Guild Run - Defeat Ozumat in Throne of the Tides on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: The Stonecore Guild Run - Defeat High Priestess Azil in the Stonecore on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: The Vortex Pinnacle Guild Run - Defeat Grand Vizier Ertan in the Vortex Pinnacle on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Grim Batol Guild Run - Defeat Erudax in Grim Batol on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Halls of Origination Guild Run - Defeat Rajh in Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Lost City of the Tol'vir Guild Run - Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind in the Lost City of the Tol'vir in Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Shadowfang Keep Guild Run - Defeat Lord Godfrey in Shadowfang Keep on Heroic difficulty.
    * Heroic: Deadmines Guild Run - Defeat "Captain" Cookie in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty.

    Given that Deadmines and SFK are recycled, does this list mean that there will only be 7 new 5-mans in Cataclysm? Sounds a little low to me.

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    # Drain Life now restores 5% total health to the caster every 1 sec regardless of damage done.

    gogo BC SL/SL drain play all over again.
    dot dot dot dot drainlololol

    le sigh...

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    # Orc Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Orc races listed below.
    # Human Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Human races listed below.
    # Night Elf Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Night Elf races listed below.
    # Dwarf Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Dwarf races listed below.
    # Draenei Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Draenei races listed below.
    # Worgen Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Worgeni races listed below.
    # Tauren Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Tauren races listed below.
    # Undead Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Undead races listed below.
    # Troll Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Troll races listed below.
    # Blood Elf Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Blood Elf races listed below.
    # Goblin Slayer - Get an honorable kill on each of the level 85 Goblin races listed below.
    I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that is supposed to be classes not races, I am fairly certain there is only one orc or goblin race. At least it regards to honorable kills.

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    •Blood Boil now deals [ 8% of AP + 297 ] damage, up from [ 6% of AP + 223 ].

    Much needed change thanks

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    This is all very good stuff, but when does Cataclysm hit the street man?

    ---------- Post added 2010-09-03 at 06:36 PM ----------

    Seems to me that Blzzard are deliberately delaying the release of the Cataclysm module in order to generate more hype and hysteria amongst the WoW fanatics. (thats us M8s)so when release day comes eveyone will anxiously line up with money in hand to buy there copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin84 View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Master Crafter - Craft 1,000 Epic items.
    Wonder if this can be cheesed by doing arrows/bullets from Engineering.
    Good idea, apart from the fact they are removing ammo from the game =)

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