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    More amazing is that you're still using shitty VGA 5 years after CRT monitors disappeared from the stores. It's not normal consumers who are still gaming with 5+ years old hardware. Maybe the cable you have is better than average then, I never got even 1280x1024 synced right with the cable that came with the LCD monitor, and picture with DVI was always much better.
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    I'm using my Samsung 32" TV as monitor for my PC.
    At first I was very disappointed after buying a DVI2HDMI cable the quality was kinda poor and some parts of the picture were offscreen so I switched to a lower resolution and it seemed fine. But why should I settle with a low resolution? So I checked my TV and found that I can assign different profiles to the devices and just got my HDMI3 as DVI-PC and voila, super sharp resolution, true full HD. Made me a happy panda.

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    There may be settings you need to change on your TV as well. I know that when I was setting up my PS3 over HDMI there were a lot more options than I realized, and all of them affect picture quality in one way or another. One thing you may want to do is to play around with the video settings on your TV and see if there is anything you need to change to get HDMI set up correctly.

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