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    Bio - Lunai Moongaze (WiP)

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    Basic overview:-

    Name: Lunai Moongaze.
    Age: 274
    Race: Half Kaldorei, half Sin'dorei.
    Class: Rogue / Mage. Works as a contract assassin.
    Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking, Cooking and First Aid.


    Lunai has an unusually bewitching appearance, bearing the 6'6 height and buxom figure of her Kaldorei side, while displaying the facial structure and pale cream skin of a Sin'dorei. Her hair is a long, silken midnight blue and her eyes glow a more aqua green than the fel green of a Sin'dorei. Her muscularstructure is toned and balanced, yet usually disguised by the clothes of her trade. She bears no scars and keeps herself fastidiously clean.
    Death is the only true release, the only real freedom.

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    ((As I said, staggered. When I'm at home on my PC I'll edit all the posts into the original and delete the excess))


    Lunai's outward demeanor reflects whatever persona she is adopting at any given time. She is a consummate actress and goes to any length to pull off a disguise, be it a wonderful dress on a moonlit night dancing with a prospective target, or hiding in a sewer grate covered in excrement in beggars guise to overhear pertinent information from petulant nobles thinking themselves unobserved in the slums. In combat her demeanor is fierce and implacable when using her rogue skills, manic with an almost sexual delight while using her arcane abilities, though always restrained. Inwardly however, she is bitter at the world and her place in it, always different, never really fitting in. She has enough money to buy a palace, yet is homeless through lack of ability to settle down, since wherever she goes she draws stares of lust from men, envy from women and barely veiled disgust from most Sin'dorei and Kaldorei. The latter two she harbours a hatred for, taking contracts upon over any others, even at a reduced price.


    Lunai blend her rogue and arcane skills together seamlessly, weaving stealthily through the shadows striking from the most unexpected angles. She carries a Katana style blade for fighting armed opponents, but for casters and unarmed victims she favors fist blades, allowing her to be close enough to see the life fade from her victims eyes. Due to her love of this, she never casts from a distance, preferring to drive her arcane missiles into her opponents with her hands at point blank range. One of her favorite techniques is to use her Presence of Mind to prepare an instant Arcane Blast, shadowstepping behind an opponent and slamming it directly into their back with her fists.

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    Lunai's mother was a Sentinal Huntress assigned to an investigative envoy to the northern half of the Western Plaguelands and the southern portion of the Ghostlands. The envoy was to try and obtain some Bloodthistle for research. Bloodthistle is a herb rumored to increase the magical aptitude of whomever consumes it. There appeared to be none within the Ghostlands, and venturing into the Eversong Woods seemed risky due to it's proximity to the Sin'dorei city of Silvermoon. After much discussion, one herbalist declared he was willing to take the risk and Lunai's mother was tasked with keeping him safe. The trek took some days, the only dangers being some large cats, but nothing compared to the Sabers back in Teldrassil. Once they reached their destination, the herbalist set about gathering his herbs. Lunai's mother kept watch, yet was woefully outmatched when a squad of Silvermoon City Guards came patrolling by. The Herbalist was killed out of hand, but she was brutally raped repeatedly, each member of the squad having a turn. After, she lay bruised and bleeding and they left her, sure such a brutalizing would be the death of her. They underestimated Kaldorei endurance however, and she soon had the dead herbalists herbs and was making her way back to the main party.
    In the long months it took to return to Telrassil, she found herself pregnant and was mortified, as she had told the party nothing of the rape. The birth in Teldrassil was especially difficult and she was unable to survive it, despite the restorative abilities of the Kaldorei.

    Much discussion was had regarding the child, most wishing to simply throw it from the World Tree, seeing it as an abomination to the Kaldorei. In the end, Tyrande herself declared the child innocent of her own heritage, and hence should be given the same rights as any full Kaldorei child. So the girl lived, but nothing could banish the revulsion some felt.
    Death is the only true release, the only real freedom.

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