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    Differences in communities in online games

    Just an observation I've made over the many years I've been gaming online: Asian online gaming communities are far, far better to be a part of than American online gaming communities.

    Asian communities generally consist of an even split of:
    - The friendly, social players who are always wanting to make friends and help other players out.
    - The grinders, who are silent, cause you no grief, and go about their own business.

    American communities generally consist of:
    - Mainly loud-mouthed, elitist, arrogant, selfish bullies who'll do anything to put down those who have achieved less in the game than they have.
    - A small group of friendly people who resent being American.

    I can't say much for European communities since being in New Zealand I generally end up either playing in asian zones or American zones.
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    I don't know,but in my around,most of the players are friendly and enthusiasm.Both the Asian and American communities.

    And the "loud-mouthed, elitist, arrogant, selfish bullies" who are also exist in Asian communities.

    BTW I am a Asian online game player.

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