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    Kron Skychaser (New)

    Name: Kron Skychaser
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Class: Shaman
    Professions: Mining
    Likes: Other Tauren, Calmness
    Dislikes: Centaur, Misuse of power
    Characteristics: Typical tauren size/ weight (7 feet/ 500 pounds), brown fur, wearing Cataclysm Harness (tier 5 - http://www.wowhead.com/?itemset=636) gear, weilding Rage (http://www.wowhead.com/item=33495) and Fury (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=33640). Typically peaceful, he can occasionally go into rages where he will not stop until his target(s) is/are killed. He tries to be wise, but his young age means that he can not always be so.

    History: Kron was born into a small nomadic caravan of tauren that roamed throughout the Barrens. The caravan's main purpose was to transport goods between the many tauren villages in the Barrens. Kron's kindly old uncle was a shaman, and when there was nothing else to do he would teach Kron a few simple lessons in the way of the shaman, which he eagerly took to. The caravan was fairly prosperous, as they rarely needed to spend their money on simple things such as food or clothing, which they hunted and made while traveling. Of course, this prosperity was not entirely a good thing, as it attracted the attention of the local centaur. One clear and sunny day, the centaur attacked the caravan while their kodos were drinking at a desert oasis. It was a bloody battle, but these tauren were not fighters, while the centaur were trained warriors. The tauren were destroyed, there caravan was looted. As the centaur escaped with their ill gotten gains, only three things survived, albeit barely; a kodo, Kron, and his old uncle, who was now unconscious. Kron loaded his uncle onto the kodo along with all of his possessions that were not to badly damaged. They set off for Camp Taurajo, the closest possible outpost. The kodo just barely made it to the camp before dying of its wounds. They quickly got medical attention, and Kron would survive without any major injuries. Unfortunately, His uncle was not so lucky, and one of his legs was removed, but he would live on. A small group of tauren were sent out to retrieve the bodies from the caravan, and they were all given a proper burial in Mulgore. It was on that day that Kron swore for vengeance against the vicious centaur that destroyed his family. Other then that, Kron found himself without direction, as the caravan was his entire life. After talking with his uncle he realized that there was another path for him to follow, that of the shaman. Since Kron's uncle was part of the Skychaser tribe, they accepted Kron as one of their own. From then onward Kron dedicated his life to shamanistic training and looking after his uncle. In order to support himself and his uncle he took up a job as a miner, because as a shaman he could sense the ores around him and extract them more easily then others. When Kron was 45 he was officially announced as a fully fledged shaman. One the celebration ended, Kron realized what he had to do.

    The sun was just rising, and the centaur were all just waking up. One of their shouts came rushing back into the camp. He was bloodied and burned, and had a horrific story to tell. He recounted how the raiding party had been scouting around for new victims when all hell had broken loose. The earth had quaked, fire had flown and a lone tauren had butchered every last one of the centaur. The scout had just barely escaped with his life. The centaur built up their defenses and sent more centaur in every raiding party, yet each one kept being destroyed, some clearly by the tauren, and others by natural disasters; earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, yet always one cenaur got away to retell the story to the others. The centaurs numbers quickly started to dwindle, as their raiding was their one way of life, and they were running out of supplies. Eventually there was only a handful of them left, including their chieftain, who fled to a small system of caves for protection from the mad tauren. Once all the centaurs had entered the cavern, the tunnels collapsed around them, and they were all trapped inside, where they all suffocated. Once he was sure that they were all dead, Kron opened the caverns, and took the body of their chief. He traveled without rest all the way to mulgore with the corpse, and only stopped when he arrived at the graveyard where his family was buried. He then prepared a spell, and with all his might he was able to summon the spirits of his family. His family appeared, and he announced his victory over the centaur that killed them. Their reaction was mixed, which surprised Kron a bit. Some of them were appeased that the centaur were brought to justice, others because the centaur could no longer terrorize others, while some were saddened that Kron had followed this path of vengeance, and some were enraged that he had even brought the centaur to their sacred burial ground. Kron burnt the body of the centaur, cursed it, and left the graveyard confused whether or not he had done the right thing. When he returned to Thunderbluff he realized that during his war of revenge his uncle had died peacefully in his sleep. He was distraught that he was not their for his uncle's last moments. Kron gave his uncle the best funeral he could get, and that night he had a vision. In this vision he saw his uncle, who was disappointed in Kron. He told Kron that he should have used his shamanistic powers on constructive outlets like helping people, instead of using them on destructive things like revenge. When Kron awoke he was deeply upset by his revelation, and it was then when decided to pack up his things and took to the nomadic lifestyle he had all those years ago.

    (Decided to update/completely revamp Kron, my first rp character, since I was clearing out my less than successful characters. Quite a step up from the whole 8 sentence bio he had before. Might update where needed. Now, if only I could join an RP without it dying a page later...XD.)
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    Just a few small problems I see with this. If he's 38, he's still a kid most likely- Tauren aren't really adults until around age 50. And, if he is 38, he couldn't have been born to a caravan transporting goods from Org to TB- it would be before the first Orcs even arrived on Azeroth.

    Other than that, it's really good ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Styfios View Post
    Just a few small problems I see with this. If he's 38, he's still a kid most likely- Tauren aren't really adults until around age 50. And, if he is 38, he couldn't have been born to a caravan transporting goods from Org to TB- it would be before the first Orcs even arrived on Azeroth.

    Other than that, it's really good ^_^
    According to what I have read in wowwiki, he should be a teen in tauren years, but ill probably amp up the age and change the locations.
    Edit: Done.
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