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    Just wondering if anyone has bought Minecraft Alpha and whether or not it's worth the money.
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    It is definatly worth the money to buy Minecraft Alpha. While Multiplayer Survival is still a work in process, the single player mode is working great and the amount of things you can do in the game is great.

    The Wiki if you wanna check out what you can do ingame:
    Unless of course you want to find out yourself, which makes the game harder but more interesting.

    I bought it, and I really love playing it. Plus, its cheap right now because its in Alpha. Once it enters Open Beta, the price will go up.
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    holy shit someone responded, lol. Not that the price is even alot i was just wondering what other people thought. Thanks for the response ^_^

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    ITS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! Its one of the best games ive ever playd!!! definitly worth buying it! Go Go Go Now!
    Hurry! Go!!! Buy it!
    For this special price we will now add this free creeper! it will sneak up on you and kill you instanly!

    But serious go buy it, its awsome

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