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    Bio Feanor (WIP)

    Name: Feanor
    Age: 2800
    Race: High Elf
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mage Assassin

    Characteristics: Optimistic, Wise, Quick Witted, Thinks on his feet. Can understand all common languages as well as draconic, but has difficulty speaking a few of them.

    Strengths: ​Feanor is a master of defensive magics and is extremely skilled in sword play, as well as counter magic fighting. He is ancient and with that long life span has come a great amount of wisdom and patience. He also has many magical items that he can use to his assist in any endeavor.
    Weakness: Feanor is old, and with his age he has slowed a little, but still retains an incredibly sharp edgeon his wits and perceptions.

    ///REMAKE, WIP//// Below is a summary
    ((During the second war Feanor's abilities would prove resourceful when the Horde moved into Northern Eastern Kingdoms. He was tasked with assassinating Horde and Alterac (after their betrayal) forces.
    During the Third War, Feanor fought at the fall of Dalaran and fled with the surviving forces only to return months later and retake Dalaran. He assisted in the rebuilding of Dalaran.
    During the War of the Shifting Sands Feanor acted as a bodyguard for powerful Dalaran mages as the allied forces of the Horde and Alliance attacked AQ. He would do the same during Outland.
    While in Northrend, Feanor used his skills to destroy Scourge Necromancers and other Scourge leader figures. He was also tasked with slaying Magi of the recently turned hostile Blue Dragon Flight.))

    Feanor has a natural skill for casting while in combat due having the dexterity of an elf. He specializes in Abjuration, Divination, Illusion and Transmutation spells, but is a very strong caster in all means of magic. The Kirin Tor noticed this and pushed Feanor towards becoming a hunter of rogue and evil mages. Being one of the oldest members of the Kirin Tor Feanor has access to all levels of Dalaran, classified, unclassified you name it. However he is only known to senior members of the Kirin Tor because he works behind the scenes to eliminate the Kirin Tor's enemies. Unlike other High Elves/Blood Elves, Feanors abilities and power were not tied to the Sunwell so he was unaffected when it was defiled by the scourge. His abilities have been trained and sharped by his own means over the 2800 years he has lived.

    Items: An assortment of different wands he has on his belt,
    Tele'on Spell consuming sword,
    Tele'an Spell deflecting Sword,
    Various types of Reagents,
    Imprisoning Crystals,
    Magical Shackles,
    Battle Mage armor- heavily modified
    Very worn travelers robe
    Other items yet to be named

    Feanor's two twin runeblades were handcrafted and purposely broken by powerful magic for over hundreds of years to make them extremely strong.

    His First Blade, Tele'an is capable of redirecting powerful projectile spells.
    His Second Blade, Tele'on is capable of consuming magical spells and effects and uses the power consumed to make the blades strike more devastating. (such as drawing power from a mage's shielding or consuming a spell)

    Description: Average High Elf Height,
    Athletic build,
    Sharp Eyes,
    Handsome well aged face,
    Chest length golden blond hair,
    Gold Eyes,
    Fair Complexion
    Wears a well worn traveling cloak that hides his beautiful armor.


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