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    sc2caststv - daily starcraft webcasts coverage (blog)

    Hi there guys!

    Bonesoul from SC2Casts.tv here. I'm an avid player whom watching replays, vods and streams everyday to get better in the game and lately have been thinking of creating a blog about them.

    This is not yet another youtube channel cause there're tons of good ones already out there, instead i gather my hand-picked stuff -- the one's i like the most --.

    You can check it over: http://sc2casts.tv/

    Hope you'll enjoy it, thanks for your time!

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    Announcing Starcraft II VOD Tracker

    Day9, HDStarcraft, Huskstarcraft and others are great Starcraft II commentary channels to watch if you’re an avid player. VOD Tracker by sc2casts.tv is a tool that can ease tracking them for you. Go give it a try now over http://sc2casts.tv/vod-tracker.

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