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    Depends. I can see a build with stronger B&S enabled shields with no CD for holy quite useful (Imp. PW:S + Soul Warding combo), especially for PVP. I'm still not convinced Evangelism+Archangel cuts it for holy (especially without the old Surge of Light) and Imp. Inner Fire might not even be a choice.
    I've been considering Soul Warding for Holy tbh. Without SoL for free smites, three points for the archangel effect seem a bit much. Perhaps at the last two tiers of the xpac when the % mana return will be stronger it will be to good not to use. Meanwhile I really like having the option of Soul Warding + Body & Soul for the multiple speed buffs which can be game changing both in pvp and pve.

    As for shadow I'd rather not have to spec into imp inner Fire unless it actually becomes a utility spell. I'd much rather feel free to pick silence.

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    Another stupid question. Does Soul Warding reduce the GCD triggered from Power Word: Shield? I could cast Shield-Circle faster with the talent?

    3 points is a bit two much, but for 2 points I will include Soul Warding in my PvP build. (Asuming that Improved Inner Fire is being removed/reworked to a non mandatory PvP buff). Could be interesting to have the Phantasm option too, moving the talent to tier 2.

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    Ehm, why would you spend that third point then really? I'm quite okay with having a one second CD on my PW:S.

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    It should be removed. It's mandatory for shadow yet you can't really spec 3/3 for it (at least you couldn't in recent patches), for healers inner will could be better anyway, so it's a skipper for 3 points. 3 points are a LOT for such a talent now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ananan View Post
    Ehm, why would you spend that third point then really? I'm quite okay with having a one second CD on my PW:S.
    Indeed the third point in Soul Warding is pretty damn useless for anyone. Surprised it has not been changed yet.

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    The 3 sec CD on PWS is most probably a bug.
    Either that, or they'll make Soul Warding a 2-point talent?

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    Has sense. Right now the third Soul Guardian talent point has no purpose.

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