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    Age: Uncertain, young adault.
    Birth Location: Uncertain.
    Sex: Male.
    Race: Half elf
    Class: Rogue.
    Likes: Sweetrolls, being outside, playing, animals
    Dislikes: strangers, fighting,

    Fimion is a rather special sort of half-elf. Almost instantly upon his birth, he was abonded by his parents and was raised by a kind night elf that he called "Ma".
    His childhood was rather sad. He had no friends, as his caretaker was a hermit. His education is not very good either.
    This kind of upbringing had major effects on little Fimion, as he was not used too people, and spent most of his time outside.
    His many many years of playing outside however, with both animals and imaginary friends, made him very agile. His stealth skills, for the sole reason of scaring animals, is also beyond everyones expectations.
    His hair is white-blonde. He has a soothing look in his eyes, and likes to wear rugged, old clothes which remind him of his childhood,

    His already odd personality became moreso, however this was not noticed until later, when it took a suprisingly long time for him to learn to talk.
    Ma figured a way to make him talk faster. Whenever he said something correct, he would be rewarded with a sweetroll.
    He learned fast, however he was still not a good speaker.

    One day, when Fimion was outside chasing deer, he got lost. He was not the kind of person who got worried and instead, he kept chasing
    the deer, taking him further and further away from his home.
    Eventually, he caught up with the deer and pinned it down on the ground. He laughed as he let it go, watching it run away as he sat and kept laughing.
    After many moments of laughter, he noticed that he did not recognise the surroundrings and he did not know which way was back home.

    He wandered in a direction he thought he came from, in hope of finding his home, however it did not end well.
    After a long walk, he found himself in a camp. A bandit camp.
    While the bandits closed in on him, the only thing he could say was: "Fimion hungry..."
    The bandits took no notice to his words as they charged toward him.
    Fimion, who knew nothing about combat, avoided their strikes.
    He did not want to fight back, and even if he did, he would not do well, so he kept avoiding and dodging everything they tried.
    The bandits slowed as they grew tired, however Fimion seemd to be as agile as ever.
    Fimion, who, at this point, understood that they woulden't share with him, rushed past them toward their campfire... where he saw a piece of meat, all done.
    He snatched it while running, quickly disapearing into the forest as he left the bandits clueless of his disapearance.

    He lived like this for a long time. Playing with the animals during day, playing with the animals during the night, snatching food from unsuspecting camps when he was hungry, sleeping when he felt like it.
    Many of the times he was not welcomed and often met with force, however, almost every time he managed to get his dinner without even being hit.
    The times he was hit, he was scared away, sad for not geting his dinner and terrified for being hurt more.
    He thought for several days of how he could avoid it. Later, he knew how.
    Distracting his foes.
    This worked on the animals, and the people who wanted him bad aswell.
    However he did not want to hurt them..even if they wanted to hurt him, so he learned to make his throwing skills very very precise.
    His dinner was now very easy to get.
    Sneak near a camp, take a rock, or anything else that was nearby, and throw it toward a can, or anything that would make a noice.
    It worked every time. The camp owners always turned their gaze toward it and went to inspect, that's when he struck, and got his dinner.

    Everything went smooth, he had food, he enjoyed doing what he did, even if the campers did not.
    But, after some time, people stop'd coming to the forest, knowing that their food would be snatched.
    Fimion did not like this, as he now would have to get food elsewhere, killing his playmates was not an option.
    He decided to exit the forest, and see what was beyond it in search for food...

    ((History ending is ment to be multipurpose, so he can join whichever thread he is ment to join, and please don't call him retarded, he is...special.))

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