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    The only person hitting people with walls of text is you - who's really the moron rambling on and on?
    Last I checked, you're the one throwing around name calling. So.... you? The fact that you equate wall of text = moron is utterly pitiful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deladeu View Post
    You're the one bitching about a game that has been out for half a day.
    No, I'm bitching about a moronic and utterly horrific mechanic that's been in since the beginning of closed beta that *everyone* that actually played beta have spoken out against.

    Yes, not for, but against. Try to pay attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deladeu View Post
    My statements were easy to comprehend and had a simple reason as to why leveling is the way it is in FFXIV, hardly rambling.
    You actually provided no simple reason. You simply spit out the same spin that's been hammered into the fanbase by Square-Enix PR people, considering they tried to say that "fatigue" is now "surplus".

    I assume you know what a spin is, yes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deladeu View Post
    It isn't my problem you have the reading and comprehension skills of a five year old. Go back to your easy-mode, instant level cap World of Warcraft... I'm sure you'll be able to kill LK with 30% buff really soon, if you try really, really hard.
    The fact that you can't say anything without trying to insult a person (and not their actions/words) and at the same time try to attack a game (of whose forum you are posting on) really show that you're either drunk or can't admit that I'm correct and you aren't.

    As for attempting to rail against what you believe is my prowess in WoW, I laugh at you. It's utterly pathetic and shows your maturity level.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deladeu View Post
    See, I can be a douche bag keyboard warrior as well.
    So.... you're calling yourself a douchebag? Do you even think about what you type before hitting submit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deladeu View Post
    People like you are the reason WoW has become so terrible in the first place - always bitching and whining about every single design or game mechanic.
    I suppose if by "people by you" you mean "people that refuse to swallow a PR spin on a terrible game mechanic," then yes, I am a person like me (ironic, I know, right?). I don't bitch about 'every single design or game mechanic,' only the ones that are so horrifically terrible that every single publication (virtual or paper) agrees. It's also hilarious that you believe commenting on the moronic actions of another company has affected how WoW has "soured" in your eyes.

    I wash my hands of you, as you have provided nothing but another example of the type of person that SE is banking on not being bothered by a fatigue system.



    To anyone else, like myself, that refuses to try FF14 until we've had solid proof that SE is actually trying to clean up their act on multiple actions, just keep in mind that this is a Japanese company. They see video games as a form of pure art and do not like to change things, which is a really bad stance to take with an MMO. I actually would like this game to be great, as it would be nice to play something approaching a competent MMO aside from WoW.

    That being said, I was pleased when I found out that starting yesterday they're developing a player site for FF14 and apparently want to treat it as a database (sort of an official version of WoWHead, basically). Though it's stupid to not have a recipe book/list inside the game in this day and age, at least they're providing their own version of crafting lists.

    It's a start, at least.
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