Yes, I know, iTunes is crap and I should be using something else.

But since everyone in my house seems to have a Mac, and it's easier to share libraries this way and I have an iPhone and am obsessive about organization and backups, here I am.

I recently updated to iTunes 10, and in an endeavor to clear out my C drive (SSD boot drive) I changed my library to my D drive (HDD for media and backups). All my music was there, but the apps were going to the C drive and 5.5gb that didn't need to be there was bothering me. I want my music to be in D:\Music. I also want iTunes to auto copy, sort, and folder music added to my library. Problem is, when I tell it to put music in D:\Music, it makes a subfolder called Music (so it's in D:\Music\Music). Ok, so I'll tell it to put it in D:\ and it'll make the correct music folder there. Nope. It drops all the artists into THAT folder. Either wants to go too many folders deep, or not enough. Anyone have any idea?