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    Hello Internet Citizen. I would advise you to wake up to whats coming to harm our web. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, OR "ACTA" treaty being proposed in secret at the International level, could, and would if passed, ruin our free Internet as we currently know it. in short, this would enforce a 3-strikes and your out policy that would result in you being banned from web access if you get 3 "accusations" from anybody of copyright infringement. ISP's would now be forced by legal liability to police the web for copyrighted data, and take-down anything that would be assumed copyrighted, and that includes just about any data online since anything may "possibly" be copyrighted. So what this would result in, would be the end of all user generated-based websites. Such as Youtube, Myspace, Rapidshare, even Blogs! Finally this would give police around the world strict new powers to confiscate your electronic devices at national and state borders. And if they happen to find copyrighted material on them they may take your device and send you the fine! It is time we stand up for our Internet before it is gone. Come join us, in fighting this tyranny!

    Here are some news links that can be read at your disposal....

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    We really need to spread the word on this by any means, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Youtube. Anything to get the general internet population to catch on.

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    Hellfire Peninsula... the sky was just... uber... the nostalgia it brings.

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    This is a gaming website, not an activist website.

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