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    Quote Originally Posted by SharQueDo View Post
    Un'goro Crater 83-84? I must have missed something.
    As you might see, it is not Un'Goro Crater :P it clearly says Uldum :P
    Un'goro is above it
    Quote Originally Posted by daed4 View Post
    where you lvlfrom 84-85?
    Also shown on the map :P Twilight Highlands in Eastern Kingdoms....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4KhazModan View Post
    Awesome job! But as a poster above me stated, since when is moonglade 1-85?
    Seeing the fact Druids can portal to this zone and have classquests there it is considered 1-85

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    OP: +10 internets.

    That is all.

    You can cut our wings, but we will always remember what it was like to fly.

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    Tis an old post...

    I have the map saved

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    never got around to a "Thank you" post, but thank you!

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    had this thing saved when it was just a little topic. now look what it became!
    as god would say
    ''oh my fucking me, who made this? he needs divine power''

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    Wicked map... every little helps


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    Quote Originally Posted by Neoburner View Post
    Wicked map... every little helps

    Did some one say necro? I think they did.
    how do people even find threads that are so old?
    게임 은 어렵~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by kel View Post
    Did some one say necro? I think they did.
    how do people even find threads that are so old?
    You would have thought WoW would kill all my time... alas not!

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    Old thread, but still relevant, so a necro is not really a bad thing here.
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