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    Blizzard is run by Peter Griffin

    Recently Blizzard contradicted themselves by saying updating character models are not a top priority and are in fact on the back burner in R&D; only a month back saying it was exclusively a top priority and that the dwarves were almost done and that they'd be moving onto humans/orcs ASAP. So with this contradiction a Blizz rep tries to make amends of the confusion:

    "Tom and Rob are both correct..."
    source: http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/2...tion-blizzard/

    I &*^% you not! Peter Griffin is running this masquerade and it's &^%$ing hilarious!!! I have not laughed that hard in a while :')

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    I am just dying to have a fanboy come in here and stand by this contradiction! It is inevitably hilarious xDDD

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    I'm not sure what you intended to create here. Writing up a thread meant to antagonize other posters ("I am just dying to have a fanboy come in here..") isn't the best or appropriate way to start one, nevermind the blatant bashing.

    You're welcome to write a constructive thread. Until then, this remains closed.

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