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    Lets Scrap this,this and this too!

    is it just me or dose it seem since middish wrath blizzard have been scraping cool ideas alot more?
    even the over-cloak thing was scarped for the new live event
    i cant say just how many things have been "scrapped" for cata, just so blizzerd will have time to get the money faster whit less work!
    if they wana keep there player base they gota up there game a bit

    BTW i want my bloody dance studio, and i want it so u only need wrath to use it?

    ooh and inb4 "go QQ" or "Troll Harder"
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    The term is 'scrapped'.

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    Well, sometimes things just don't work out as they were intended to.

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    I hear every idea ever made gets done. True story.

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    dance studio was frigging april joke omg

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    Quote Originally Posted by antifreeze View Post
    dance studio was frigging april joke omg
    He's talking about the "Customizable dance options" that appeared in the WoTLK announcement trailer.

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    It's probably more an issue of that they're revealing more of their plans nowadays than before, so you get to know when they scrap stuff, rather than they keeping plans secret.

    I'm pretty sure they had tons of cool stuff planned throughout their years that they scrapped without us knowing, since they never told anybody about the plans in the first place.

    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathmetalzf View Post
    Well, sometimes things just don't work out as they were intended to.
    true, and when something doesn't go right we give up?

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    Nothing lasts forever, as they say.
    The problem is that nothing can really replace it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asur View Post
    I hear every idea ever made gets done. True story.
    Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant. -Edgar Allan Poe

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    I agree, there's too much cutting into steep slopes going on as of late. Just look at that new quarry in Azshara.

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    Blizzard should never give out previews. People aren't mature or can pretend to be adults to deal with it.

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    dunno bout you but i play PVP to kill shit, and PVE to kill shit, achievs are kinda cool, titles are cool, cool tabards are cool
    cant care bout rest. i dont like stuff that i have to wear to alter my looks if i have to remove my other stuff, just not handy.
    And the other stuff like iron boot flask is just funneh to have but takes up too much bag space.
    So instead of all cosmetic stuff gief: Bigger bags, rated battlegrounds, more smaller raids and new races, what they comin with that? im good cya @ cata

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    In terms of big things added... there is loads you just forget because you have them...

    dungeon finder, some small issues but overall brilliant
    Duel spec...once again I couldn't live without it
    there is more just I forget what was added when so I wont risk a mistake.

    They make things for the majority of the player bases. Dance studio would take a long time and possibly not be that useful. Also yeah I think it was an April joke as anti said.

    I love however the reason behind these stupid topics is always blizz is only interested in the money... Whjen quite clearly they are not. (well they ofc need to make money its a company after all but its not there only objective.

    Look out long starcraft took, If they wanted money then it would have been a cheap quick production, however no they took there time and we now have a very good 2nd game to built on what the first set of games built.

    To the OP: I wish you would stop posting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunyaa View Post
    The term is 'scrapped'.
    And the verb is "scrap".

    Like in, "to scrap something" - learn your english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsi View Post
    And the verb is "scrap".

    Like in, "to scrap something" - learn your english.
    That's not what I was referring to, learn to read his whole post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epsi View Post
    And the verb is "scrap".

    Like in, "to scrap something" - learn your english.
    Read the whole post bud.

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    It wasn't that the overcloak didn't work, it worked on PTR, but blizz decided to turn it into a regular cloak for public. Why? they say even though people have been begging to customize their characters appearance while retaining stats, blizz doesn't want this to happen.

    The real question is why? Why is it bad to allow differentiation? People have have been asking for even a taste of this kind of thing forever, is it for that reason you don't want to do it?

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