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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
    Actually, I already posted that picture, along with a few of my others. I rather my stuff not be posted there again. I'm not well liked in that thread because a couple of over-reactors took my posts the wrong way and thought my stuff was 'weird'. They didn't read my posts in their entirety. Unfortunately, tones don't go well over the internet. Every single time I explain myself in a, well, explanatory tone, people think I'm frothing at the mouth.

    And I gave her wings and a horn (well, more of an antler :P) because in FiM 'lore' the ponies in power (like Celestia and Luna) have both pegasus wings and unicorn horns. They're extra magical I guess.

    And Migari, thanks for the help. One day, mmochamp will once again work for me, but for now I'll just post links.
    Awww, that's a shame. I must not have been around at the time, because I can't remember the posts or the image.

    I don't really know enough about WoW lore to judge, but I guess it makes sense that Tyrande is more powerful than Jaina or Taretha.

    Anyway, probably not the best place for continued discussion about ponies, since this is the WoW fan art thread.

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    I didn't see this posted yet but this is a new piece by Azazel (warning, some stuff in his gallery is NSFW).

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    I bring more farts...I mean arts.

    DeviantART: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    An old picture I did (original lines taken from an earlier piece of mine) of Alexstrasza in a Gustav Klimt sort of style.

    Just trying to figure out some good legs for my Northerner Draenei.
    I don't really know what I am doing, so I'm just 'doing' at this point. :S

    Quote Originally Posted by Alaitoc View Post
    Awww, that's a shame. I must not have been around at the time, because I can't remember the posts or the image.

    I don't really know enough about WoW lore to judge, but I guess it makes sense that Tyrande is more powerful than Jaina or Taretha.

    Anyway, probably not the best place for continued discussion about ponies, since this is the WoW fan art thread.

    Well, I had first posted some other images along with the one you just saw and had no issues, but the second time around I posted some humanoid ones and some people got a little too knee-jerkish. They were completely innocent. It's the viewer's problem if they see something dirty in an innocent image, not the artist's. All I had said was that I wasn't going to come back if I'm going to be treated like that, and some guy just went off at me telling me that I'll never make it as an artist if I can't take 'criticism.'

    The problem with his silly statement was the fact that what people were saying wasn't constructive criticism, it was general rudeness. I was pretty calm about the whole thing and then people started telling me to calm down...I was really confused because I wasn't angry. I was vexed, but not angry. The only reason I bolded some of my statements was because they were more important than the rest of my post. I just wanted people to pay attention to the most important parts instead of just skimming and not understanding my side of the argument. That's what bolding is for, it's like highlighting...I wasn't angry or yelling at anyone. :C

    Oh well, you win some you lose some.

    Yeah, I figured that Tyrande is more powerful because of her connection with the goddess. So I ran with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyuun View Post
    Seems 'tis not just I that draws into the early hours of the night, I cannot find my zone anywhere else.

    Okay, I'm just kidding. :P
    I've been drawing since I was four and I've sacrificed a lot of school work in order to draw. Made my art good, but obviously not my marks.
    I also tend to ground my stuff in reality. People usually use the excuse "it's just fantasy, it doesn't have to be realistic." The problem with that statement though is that random, thoughtless design is not usually good design.

    There have been many fantasy films and the ones that have good designs always trump the others, and it's because many of the fantastical elements have some sort of connection to reality. Lord of the Rings is a good example. The ogres, oliphants, rhino-like creatures, Nazgul mounts etc. all could work in the real world. The art team had vast knowledge on human and animal anatomy, and it shows.

    EDIT: YAY FINALLY GOT IMAGES TO WORK! I found out it's a problem with my computer...it wasn't willing to copy the entire image address, so what I have to do now is click "copy address" then paste it into my search bar, then copy that, then paste it here with IMG tags. Phew.
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    http://effanem.deviantart.com/art/PitlordWiP-217583602 Part 1 of a WiP. Had to crop the image because my scanner isn't nearly large enough for the paper. Will load up part 2 tomorrow when I get more time to work on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
    Ah, that is true.

    Merany, to avoid weird or scratchy shading use big brushes with a low opacity and flow when you're laying down colour and value. Also, try not to smudge too much. Too much smudging can make a piece look very cheap. Plus, smudging takes forever to load in photoshop, or maybe it's just my photoshop. :P

    Here are adonihs' brushes. You can download them and use them. The best brushes (I find) are the two top ones because they are both very good for blocking stuff in and doing detailed work. Or if you like a more smokey look to your underpainting, the soft airbrushes under the first two are very good. Or, of course, you can combine them. Every artist has to find their way of painting.
    Dear lord those brushes are amazing. @[email protected] My whole life I was like HOW DO PEOPLE USE PHOTOSHOP TO DRAW, cause like, the brushes suck and I thought the program was only good for editing photos and stuff and like... AMG. So many years of spending hours on hours doing what those brushes do so easily. T_T *cries*

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    Can't have enough pics of The Lady

    Worgen Warlock

    Wish wow fishin was this interesting


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    The inked out Pitlord http://effanem.deviantart.com/art/PitlordWiP2-217745529 Will keep working on it looking forward to seeing it shaded

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    A commission I got from Shalinka on DA of my Tauren DK:
    My characters -
    Furrfettish - Rivendare (Tauren Blood DK) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...fettish/simple
    Inashne - Rivendare (Tauren Survival Hunter) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Inashne/simple
    Furreals - Crushridge (Worgen Protection Warrior) - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...urreals/simple

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    Model edit. Lokann and Rykha.

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    Oh man, I'm happy this is done. Even though it didn't really take THAT long, it's nice to have it done. I started this on Sunday morning at 1 am, continued to 3 am, finally went to sleep. Got up around 9 am, got coffee, continued to work on this throughout the day in between naps and finally finished it last night around 11 pm. Phew.
    Anyways it's just a nice scene on the Shores of Eversong Woods. The lynx there is based off of the Caracal, and the bird is just a random bird.
    This was quite a learning experience in some parts.
    I used some of charfade's vegetation brushes for the edges on the tree, and the trees in the distance (I think. I have so many brushes I have trouble keeping track of them). http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d24laop
    For the larger version of this go here: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/#/d3n126u

    And some closeups

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    EDIT: Oops, I hurpadurped...I thought this post would merge with the other...maybe a mod can fix this. Sorry.

    It's gettin' too quiet in here again.

    Anyways, yesterday was my birthday, so now I'm 19! I feel kinda old. :P

    DeviantART: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    These are just a couple of quick sketches I did the other day of some of the leaders of the dragonflights in Warcraft.
    *Sindragosa was an odd one to do because I haven't seen anyone attempt to draw her alive, so I just lightly based her head off of her official skull.
    I based her body off of a sphynx cat, since there is a digital painting of her perched on an icy cliff, ready to pounce.
    *I based Malygos off of a hippo and gave him butterfly wings because he is described as being massive with small wings. (I also did a sketch of him as all skin and bones when he went mad, but it's just too messy).
    *Ysera is based off of a few animals; bat for the body, ears and nose, spinosaur for the head, luna moth for the wings, stag-like antlers, etc. I wanted her to look 'wild' and exotic.
    Keep in mind these are roughs, and nowhere near complete.

    This is just a quick idea I got down for Nozdormu's dragon form.
    I referenced horses and corydorases.

    I had some fun a couple days ago and decided to test out some colour palettes for one of my little Argus species I've come up with.
    They're 'choros.' Choro is probably a temporary name, but it might end up sticking.
    These are little ladies by the way. I did a sketch depicting both males and females. I'll upload that one some time today hopefully.

    I sat down a few nights ago and thought it would be fun to sketch out the differences between night elves, highborne, and high elves.
    I decided to keep the night elve's eyes black, since they are the most 'natural' in a sense. Their eyes will reflect gold or silver though, if they're a druid or a priest.

    This isn't from Warcraft, but I'm pretty sure a mod (early on in the thread) said it would be okay to post a couple of things from other fantasy/sci-fi books/games/etc.

    Just a fun speedpainting of Smaug the dragon from The Hobbit.
    I went with the Tolkien and John Howe look for him, instead of the heavy, brutish dragon styles I've seen people use. I much prefer his and Howe's sketches/paintings of Smaug over many of the just plain unfitting designs I've seen 'round the interwebs. I was quite surprised at the routes people were taking with him. I mean, they're excellent designs, but not really for Smaug.

    I know his wings are missing. The reason for that is because I didn't plan this picture well, and when it came time to paint in the wings, nothing worked. They all looked bad and covered up too much. Oh well, I still love how it turned out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
    Anyways, yesterday was my birthday, so now I'm 19! I feel kinda old. :P
    Whoa, congratulations! (And cool, it was my birthday too. )

    Awesome art as always. <3

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    Wow, this is my first time to this forum in a long long time, I just gotta say one thing all these arts are just epic and wonderful

    you folks have some wonderful talent, if someone could do a pic for a friends I have coming up Please PM

    again some awesome work every and more Trolls please

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    Constructive criticism is always appreciated
    (I know that the forest would have needed some more work though..)
    Steps/WIP: Elf, warlock
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    Wait what is that? O.o

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    Hey guys been wandering this thread for some time, decided in my lunch hours starting a pet project, i play a rogue, so why not do the rogue crest in 3d here is the first part of a work in progress.
    Need some tweeks later on in terms of lights and reflections but when more things are added to it.
    Thats the poison bottle from the middle of the crest.

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