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    Quote Originally Posted by Immamoonkin View Post



    (Also, I'm willing to draw Forsaken if I'm commissioned for it ((I might even decline the piece depending on what is requested)), but I quite seriously hate the race. I hate what they've done. I hate their queen. When I leveled a goblin, I did the old Southshore quest area, and ended up moving to another zone because the quests made me very sick to my stomach. And before anyone flips out, I don't hate anyone that plays the race, nor do I judge them if they love it. It's just a personal taste of mine. I will never draw a Forsaken as a personal art piece unless it involves any sort of RP or patch in game.)
    Ill give you 1 internet hug as a commission :P

    And I laughed hysterically at the Blight nuked Southshore and the quests bc that's where I got camped the most as a lowbie by allys, and that's where I went to terrorize allys at max level the most... Good to see Forsaken finally won in the end :P

    Annyyhow keep up the good work! Yours is some of my favorite work (:

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    Some more fanart I have done, none of it is super new though. I love drawing cats, so all the art I do for fun in my freetime often end up with some cats in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pocky_rin View Post
    Hey nono Rachel your picture was uploaded whilst I was typing that I didn't even see your picture and it wasn't aimed at you whatsoever. A style of drawing like yours is perfectly fine. (and in fact very stunning looking) I'm really only talking about people who draw a character with one normal arm and one arm thats a mile long then spend 5 hours photoshopping in the perfect colors. I'll try to find a random example not from here.
    It would probably be best if you did find someone to make an example here then, because right now your compliments seem very .. backhanded.

    To be honest, not everyone here dedicates their life to the art stuff, and only do it for fun. I'm sorry if I'm assuming your comments have been rude, but they are coming off that way.

    I mean, there's a way to critique a person without coming off as super rude.. If you talk to the person you're trying to "talk about" you might come off as less .. eh, I don't know the word to really say.
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    TBC was wonderful. It had so many new areas, feelings and models. I think I will need to visit some places

    All linked from http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/media/artwork/wow-bc

    Actually I was trying to find decently geared females, but blizzard seems to be supporting “boob-art”. -_-
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    Looking for an fan art that I've seen here before on mmo-champion but can't find it anymore.

    It's an picture on 2 undeads, 1 male and 1 female and the male undead is an warlock with his felhunter beside him. Anyone know where i can find that picture?

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    Another batch of atcs that I've finished -

    http://kayley.deviantart.com - My DA

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    I haven't drawn in ages, especially digitally, but today I had a sudden urge to grab my tablet and started drawing.. My "old" main popped up after a quick doodle-session! I'm actually very pleased with the picture, considering I haven't even touched my drawing tablet for well over a year now. I still suck at drawing hair but hey, as long as I'm happy with the result. :3

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    Honestly, I want to give a big thanks to Rachel - who you all know, of course! - for inspiring me so much. I've been a huuuge fan of her artwork for ages, and after a (very) long period of not being able to draw due to no inspiration, she helped me - though perhaps without herself realising - to get back into art.

    I chose to draw a Draenei because I am not only in love with the race, but also the ideas Rachel has created - as well as things I've pondered myself.
    I've always viewed the Draenei as a very 'exotic' race - bellydancing, tents, airy clothing, etc. Even though this doesn't necessarily reflect the same in-game, I imagine there's a lot of unanswered questions about the Draenei's lore, so I like to imagine that perhaps on Draenor, they had a very...desert-like landscape. Not with the traditional browns and yellows of the deserts we know - but blue, and purple. Something like Zangarmarsh, perhaps, but drier.

    It's just the feeling I got off of the very race - I've never imagined them to be as 'technological' as they're shown in-game, mostly because I think it's all Naaru technologies - and even the things they use are foreign to the Draenei.

    I always thought the Draenei were more 'primal' than they appear in-game - not some technologically-advanced race that could travel the universe in their crystalline ship, but...Simple desert-dwellers. And if not desert, then forest, or marsh.

    Anyway, I'm working on this:
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    Been quite awhile since I posted here...
    Iryne, liked some of those images you found, but ya, Blizzard supports boob art over practically armored females.
    Ended up deciding to try to make my own, wasn't playing WoW during TBC so I looked at some of the different gear and art styles and threw it all together into one conglomerate piece. This will probably take a few more days to complete, depends on free time during the week and when the first Firefall Beta test starts.

    But I digress, here's the work in progress of it so far... I'm going to have to change the face, frankly I'm awful at them, but practice is the best way to get better. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome, yes I know that the shown elf is not waring any single set of gear, as said earlier, its a conglomerate.


    Personally, I really like the waist and that small piece of cloth coming off to her side, like half a mini skirt or something, just looks really nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjau View Post
    worgen riding an orc


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    worgen riding an orc picture
    In Soviet Russia,Mount rides you

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    Just a few reminders: I haven't drawn a full-body female figure...ever. It's always separate - like, doodling arms, or the upper body, etc. - I've never actually 'connected' it together like this. Forgive me if it's terrible.
    I haven't drawn in months, of course, so, again, please keep that in mind and forgive me if it's not amazing. ;P
    This is the version without the black patterns on her dress:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    Trying to stop this thread are we? Seriously? You should be glad for the attention, nobody is claiming your work or making profit of it. Talk to mods or stfu.

    Besides how do we know you are who you claim you are? Trolling?

    And Rachel, yeah u are another one of those trying to tell people how to post on forums, don't talk about attitude because you sure don't lack it.

    Dammit! I'm just posting nice pics! Sick of this community!
    You are talking about other people's attitudes when you yourself is acting rude and selfish. YOU, sir, is the center of the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eorayn View Post
    You are talking about other people's attitudes when you yourself is acting rude and selfish. YOU, sir, is the center of the community.
    You really felt the need to respond to this discussion after it has been over for how long?

    Seriously, can we please get this thread back to be about posting art? No drama, no drivel, just art and art discussion. It makes me sad to see one of my favorite threads turn out this way.

    I'll be personally posting some WIP sketches of my character soon

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    Thanks so much Dryad for your kind words! I'm really glad that I indirectly helped you to get out of art block.
    Just remember that art block isn't always bad though (this goes for all artists), sometimes it's your brain's way of saying "take a break."

    More arts! I meant to get these uploaded earlier, but life had other plans.

    Deviantart: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    A quick, sort-of-cleaned-up experimental sketch of my version of Alexstrasza.

    A really fast speedsketch/speedpainting of my version of Tarecgosa.
    As soon as I saw her model I thought "Komodo dragon!" So that's what she's based off of.

    A rough painting of Queen Azshara, post Sundering.
    A lot of people design her as either a cecaelia or a naga with a night elven top half, but since Nazjatar is at the bottom of the ocean I think something a little more 'deep sea' would be more fitting. She's still beautiful, but a different kind of beautiful.
    Her 'hair' is based off of Phyllodesmium poindimiei, her fingers are based off of sea spider legs, and her bottom half is based off of feather stars (crinoid).

    Here's a feather star in action so you can get an idea of how she would move:

    A fun little portrait I did the other day of Kieran, my orc/worgen.
    This portrait goes with this one: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d48mtri
    'cause they're BFF's.
    Just for the heck of it, I stuck some ceremonial paint on him.

    If anyone is having trouble seeing them, alert me please.
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    Just working on a small commission as I wait on the information from my big one...

    And since I've been giving the okay for "The Big One," I can tell you guys what it is. I'm being commissioned by Blizzard to do a shirt for an in-house guild of theirs. Hopefully we'll get to see it finished before BlizzCon for them to wear.

    Oh yeah..

    A twitter conversation lead to this:

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    at Optinium

    oh holy cows dude. you are killing it, i would pay to learn digital art like that. my lecturer is fat and useless.

    Great Job!!

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