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    I wanted to do something very dark and with highlights
    Here is my rogue nightelf
    Not detailed at all though

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    A friends character. Warrior class
    Still need to paint...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Im not very good at painting T_T and im lazy
    But here it is:

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    Browsing through this thread, it is very sad to see how much art has been lost with the shut down of flickr and tinypic and whatever is going on with photobucket. Not to mention hotlinking to deviantart and tumblrs and other webpages that have long since shut down. Of the images that were left, there were some hidden gems I added to my collection.

    I am going to post about 300 pieces of fanart that have not been posted before in this thread (or if it was posted, the image host has since gone down). Stuff curated from deviantart, tumblr, artstation, pixiv, twitter, blogs... I'm pretty sure I have most of the good stuff that is online, unless it's on a Chinese or Russian site. I'm not going to post all 300 pieces at once. Will try to credit the artist if known (I use this art search engine, it can track down the source 95% of the time). Going to start in chronological order:

    • 1. Early Alliance
    • 2. Early Horde
    • 3. Thrall's Horde and Vanilla
    • 4. The Night Elves and the Naga
    • 5. Blood Elves and TBC
    • 6. The Scourge
    • 7. New Alliance characters
    • 8. The Draenei and the Legion
    • 9. Pandaria
    • 10. Shadowlands
    • 11. Miscellaneous

    Hopefully you find some new stuff that is to your liking!

    Early Horde art (First Horde through vanilla)

    The Warlords by Bo Chen

    The Warlords by Liang xing

    Blackhand by DeVmarine

    Blackhand by ShoZ-Art

    Grommash Hellscream by Geoffrey-E

    Burning Blademaster by RanXi

    Durotan, his wife Draka, and baby Thrall by xi zhang

    Durotan and Nobundo by yeastsoldier

    Orgrim Doomhammer. Technically not fanart since this was by Wei Wang for the Warcraft movie but concept art from the movie generally flies under the radar.

    by 6kart

    This is Warsong Gulch. By Lionel Schramm

    Early Alliance (First War through Vanilla)

    Medivh by Breath-art

    Medivh by JMXD

    Paladin by caiomonteiroart

    Lordaeron by Aobo Wang

    Ironforge by Lionel Schramm

    Ironforge by Connor Sheehan

    by yaorenwo

    by Axilus Art

    by TheBladeShield or Yaorenwo

    Dalaran by Aobo Wang

    Dalaran by Aobo Wang

    Northshire Abbey by Lionel Schramm

    Goldshire by Konstantin Turovec

    Stormwind, the Valley of Heroes by Milo

    Stormwind harbor by yaorenwo

    Stormwind by Wei Wang (another piece of concept art for the movie)

    Stormwind by Lionel Schramm

    Stormwind, Mage Quarter by Aobo Wang

    Stormwind, Mage Quarter by Aobo Wang

    Westfall by Lionel Schramm

    Uther the Lightbringer in his youth. Artist unknown.

    Uther. Artist unknown.

    by Tooth-w

    by Caio Monteiro
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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    2. Early Horde
    I hope you know your "early Horde" pictures are just pictures from Warlords of Draenor, not "first Horde through Vanilla".
    "Torturing someone is not an evil thing to do if it is done for good reasons" by Varodoc
    "You sit in OG/SW waiting on a Mythic+ queue" by Altmer <- Oh, the pearls in this forum...
    "They sort of did this Dragonriding, which ushered in the Dracthyr race." by Teriz <- the BS some people reach for their narratives...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    I hope you know your "early Horde" pictures are just pictures from Warlords of Draenor, not "first Horde through Vanilla".
    I didn't have enough WoD art to justify its own section so I just lumped it in with everything that resembled the aesthetic of the pre-Thrall Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post

    Ironforge by Lionel Schramm
    while I wont say anything about the art itself, it looks beautiful, It looks very Dark Iron, Not really how I would envision Ironforge.

    I kind of see it more closer to this.

    although maybe Ironforge in another 200 years would look closer to the previous :P
    I love Warcraft, I dislike WoW

    Unsubbed since January 2021, now a Warcraft fan from a distance

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    Thrall's Horde (starting from Vanilla/WC3)

    By Breath-Art

    by imaDreamwalker

    by TheBladeShield or Yaorenwo

    by liuhao726

    by zippo514

    by QS

    Artist unknown

    Rexxar and Misha, by Konstantin Turovec

    by Jaqen Art

    by LIN

    by QS

    by Lionel Schramm

    by László Szabados

    by Grace Liu

    Bloodhoof Village, by imadreamwalke

    Stonetalon Mountains, by imadreamwalke

    by imadreamwalke

    by Gabor Szikszai

    by RogierB

    Official art from the TCG. Huln Highmountain, by Milivoj Ćeran

    Thunder Totem, by Armand Serrano

    by Dean Oyebo

    by pixiv id 8949495

    by Paul Mafayon

    Hamuul Runetotem by thiago-almeida

    by Axilus Art

    Official art for Hearthstone by Peter Stapleton, but I thought it was novel enough to share.

    by Grosnez

    by yw tang

    by yaorenwo

    by 6kart

    by Paul Warzecha

    by imadreamwalke

    by LIN

    by Arthur Lorenz

    by Kan Liu(666K*譞)

    by Astri Lohne

    by Breath-art

    by Kan Liu(666K*譞)

    by JMXD

    by Morry Evans

    by Qichao Wang

    More to come!
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    This update includes:

    • Some extra early Horde stuff
    • Azshara
    • Blood Elves
    • Outland and TBC
    • Arthas, the Scourge, and Death Knights

    Found some extra early Horde stuff.

    Grommash by Wenjun Lin

    The Dark Portal by Wenjun Lin (done in Ruan Jia's style)

    Duortan (movie) by Wenjun Lin

    Orgrim Doomhammer (movie) by Wenjun Lin

    Zul'jin by Vadim Simanin


    Azshara by Astri Lohne

    Azshara by Milivoj Ćeran (not technically fanart but most people probably haven't seen this one)

    Azshara by qindexuan

    Azshara by Manurgo Falls

    Azshara by Elizanel Suhoveeva

    Azshara by Jian Guo (Breathing2004)

    Nazjatar by Aobo Wang

    The Blood Elves

    by Todor Hristov

    by pixiv id 15316265

    Sunreaver by Astri Lohne

    hunter and warp stalker by draken40

    by Pavel Yurev

    Silvermoon by NozomiMats

    Silvermoon by NozomiMats

    by JMXD

    by SiaKim

    by ProtoRC

    San'layn in Silvermoon by Manurgo Falls

    Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon by ArtForange

    Silvermoon by Aobo Wang

    by robinaex

    Eversong Woods by Everton Lima

    by Shauni Raven

    by Anndr Pazyniuk

    by Aobo Wang

    Windrunner sisters by Dusky

    The Burning Crusade and Outland

    Outland by cypritree

    Etheral by NetherNezu

    Illidan by zippo514

    Kael'thas and Illidan by Sandara

    Kael'thas by yy6242

    Kael'thas by 巍 罗

    Kael'thas and Vashj vs Kargath by Vadim Simanin

    Lady Vashj by Bo Chen

    vs Kil'jaeden at the Sunwell by ArtByAntera

    The Scourge and the War against the Lich King

    Arthas by KLYN007 007

    Arthas by young hun byun

    Arthas by Chenart12

    by zippo514

    Arthas by BabushkaYaga

    Arthas and Uther by MY NAME IS ZG

    Arthas and Uther by Ruan Jia

    Arthas and Uther by Shengyi Sun

    Jaina x Arthas by Bo Chen

    A Symphony of Frost and Flame (last TFT Scourge mission) by MY NAME IS ZG

    Kael'thas vs Arthas by heather-JK

    A Long Time Coming by JiHunLee

    Having conquered Azeroth, the Lich King stands against Sargeras. by Manurgo Falls

    Crystalsong Forest by ArtByAntera

    Death Knight (wearing Necrolord armor) by Dean Oyebo

    Troll Death Knight (is official Hearthstone art but I thought to include it) by Konstantin Turovec

    Death Knight by draken4o (wearing a mix of WoD and Legion items)

    Death Knight by Ryan Byl (wearing MoP PvP armor)

    Death Knight by Will Morley (wearing BFA Horde Warfront armor)

    Darion Mograine by jie li

    Thassarian by Moon Fire

    Kel'thuzad by Raymond Swanland (IIRC this may have been official art from the first WoW TCG, can't remember)

    Kel'thuzad by Valentin Ivanov

    Naxxramas by Lionel Schramm

    Naxxramas by Wietse Treurniet

    Nerubian spider queen by Kate Y

    The Lich King and Sindragosa by Mazert Young

    by Brian Moncus

    by breat-art

    Artist unknown

    Battle of Light's Hope Chapel by SAM

    Tirion Fordring by Nikolay Zhidkov

    Tirion vs the Lich King by Gabor Szikszai

    Artist unknown

    by Stanton Feng

    Arthas by mingrutu

    Jaina x Arthas by Magiclefty

    I know I promised to post the Night Elves next, but I've decided to save that for the BFA post. Next time I'll be posting MoP and Legion stuff, then Night Elves and BFA and Shadowlands.
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    In this update:

    • Alliance characters (Cata/MoP era)
    • Mists of Pandaria
    • Legion expansion, characters, and Draenei

    Alliance characters (Cata/MoP era)

    Varian by liuhao726

    Varian by liuhao726

    Varian by WenXu Xu

    Varian by pixiv id 13696164

    Varian vs Garrosh by breath-art

    Varian and Garrosh vs Deathwing by Ken Liu (Kenvd)

    Anduin and Varian by xi zhang

    Anduin and Varian by Shengyi Sun

    Varian by Qichao Wang

    Magni Bronzebeard by Bigball Gao

    Anduin by pixiv id 2963912

    by Reau

    Draenei Lieutenant Commander by Feehle KONG

    Worgen Mage wearing Cata raid gear by Dean Oyebo

    Worgen by jialin

    Worgen priests by Tom Baxa

    Worgen Shadow Priest by liuhao726

    Gnome piloting a Sky Golem by Valentin Ivanov

    by pixiv id 10405542

    Wrathion by jmxd

    Anduin and Wrathion by breath-art

    Anduin and Wrathion at Shieldwall by JMXD

    Anduin and Wrathion. Artist unknown.

    Anduin and Wrathion by pixiv id 2449864

    Jaina by breath-art

    Jaina and Rhonin at Theramore by liuhao726

    Jaina and Kalec by 6kart


    Chen Stormstout by Juyoung Oh

    Pandaren in the Jade Forest by 6kart

    Pandaren shaman on the Wandering Isle by Anthony Avon

    Shadopan by Bo Chen

    Chen Stormstout by DjWelch

    Pandaren by Veli Nyström

    Pandaren by 8akina

    Pandaren monk riding Ban-Lu by Veli Nyström

    Huojin Pandaren in the Barrens by shadoca

    Pandaren by linxz2010

    Pandaren by breath-art

    Pandaren by Veli Nyström

    Tushui Pandaren by Anthony Avon

    Pandaren by Athena Wuxi

    Pandaren riding a Cloud Serpent by liuhao726

    Pandaren by BadassWayne

    Pandaren in Kun-Lai by ChaoyuanXu

    Pandaren by Stefan Bogdasarov

    Pandaren by ChaoyuanXu

    Timeless Isle by Yaowenro

    Tushui vs Huojin Pandaren by pixiv id 3405394

    Horde vs Alliance by Stan Chan

    Xuen by seiunz

    Pandaren shadow priest by DeVmarine

    artist unknown

    Mogu and Sha in Kun-Lai by pixiv id 18227662

    Shaohao, the Monkey King, the August Celestials, and the Sha by Ekaterina Shapovalova

    Shaohao and the Monkey King vs Sha by linxz2010

    Pandaren Windwalker Monk and Xuen vs Garrosh by liuhao726

    Pandaren and the Sha by liuhao726

    Lei Shen the Thunder King by Justin Bechtold

    Lei Shen the Thunder King Mogu by David Zhou

    The Seven Heads of Y'shaarj (this appearance is more canonical than the single headed Hearthstone look)

    Aman'thul tears Y'shaarj out of Azeroth by yeastsoldier


    Gul'dan (movie) by Dmitry Brushray

    Gul'dan by Vaejoun

    Gul'dan by DeVmarine

    Illidan by Qichao Wang

    Varian by zippo514

    Draenei Vindicator (Maraad? Except Maraad doesn't wield a shield?) in Shadowmoon Valley by adrienmtz

    Maraad by Mirko Failoni

    Worgen warlock wearing Hellfire Citadel armor by Sandara

    View of Argus from Dalaran during patch 7.3 by Jorge Jacinto

    Night Elf Warden on Argus by Astri-Lohne

    Draenei Paladin on Argus by Draken4o

    Draenei Paladin by Astri-Lohne

    Illidan vs the Burning Legion by liuhao726

    Sargeras by Joel Lagerwall

    Next update will be the Night Elves and Battle for Azeroth.
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    In this update:

    • The Night Elves and Teldrassil
    • The War of Thorns
    • Battle for Azeroth

    Night Elves and Teldrassil

    Teldrassil by Konstantin Turovec

    Darnassus by Aobo Wang

    Ancient Protector/Tree of Life and Fairy Dragon by Aobo Wang

    Ancient by Patrik Hjelm

    View of Teldrassil from Auberdine by breath-art

    View of Teldrassil from Auberdine by Aobo Wang

    Ashenvale by Jorge Jacinto

    Ashenvale by Anthony Avon

    Ashenvale by Aobo Wang

    by Jorge Jacinto

    Draenei and Moonkin sketched by Joe Ng and colored by Espen Grundetjern

    Night Elf Hunter and her Wind Serpent by Sandara

    by Yaorenwo

    Night Elf hunter in Nagrand by TheFirstAngel (this might have been posted in the thread before, can't remember)

    Moonking and Night Elf druid by Breath-Art

    Night Elf by Maria Trepalina

    Cenarius, Rhonin, and Broxigar by Amin Talebi (from the War of the Ancients trilogy)

    Malfurion by FreakyKitty

    Tyrande by Yulong Zhang

    Arcan'dor in Suramar by Aobo Wang

    War of Thorns

    The Horde marches towards Teldrassil by Veli Nyström

    Night Elf scouts and wisps monitor the invader's advance. By Jorge Jacinto

    by Manurgo Falls

    by Jorge Jacinto

    by Dean Oyebo

    by liuhao726

    by dotswap

    Tyrande at Darkshore by Elizanel Suhoveeva

    Battle for Azeroth

    Saurfang by Vadim Simanin

    Anduin by Yee-ling

    Anduin by Gulsah Minsin

    by 巍 罗

    Sylvanas 8 by Lei Wang (not to be confused with Wei Wang)

    Sylvanas by qindexuan

    Battle for Lordaeron by Elizanel Suhoveeva

    Lightforged Draenei by Astri-Lohne

    Sylvanas by Yulong Zhang

    Undercity by QS

    Undercity by Lionel Schramm

    Sylvanas by Yulong Zhang

    Jaina by Mazert Young

    Jaina by liuhao726

    Jaina and Daelin by Linch

    Jaina and Daelin Proudmoore by xi zhang

    Jaina by 比昂格 Beonger

    Jaina by Sanjin Halimic

    Jaina by Yulong Zhang

    Bwonsamdi by KyleKayhosDraws

    Sylvanas by liuhao726

    Sylvanas by Bigball Gao

    Orc in Orgrimmar wearing Horde Warfront armor by Dave Greco

    Night Elf Warden in Darkshore by Astri-Lohne

    Wrathion by Lyanis Arts

    Wrathion by Oxana Che

    Next update will probably be the last, containing Shadowlands, Blackrock Mountain art I forgot to post earlier, and some miscellaneous stuff. After that, I believe I will have uploaded all Warcraft fanart that I had saved.

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    In this update:

    • Shadowlands
    • Blackrock Mountain
    • Miscellaneous stuff
    • Goofy versions of Warcraft characters

    Note: The second half of the miscellaneous section was stuff I downloaded yesterday, so I didn't have it at the time I organized the prior sections


    Sylvanas by Manurgo Falls

    Bolvar vs Sylvanas (how it should have ended) by Kirill Stepanov

    Torghast by Manurgo Falls

    Bastion by Adam Forange TörnPLUS

    The Winter Queen and Ysera by 巍 罗

    Mueh'zala by Dusky

    Sire Denathrius by pixiv id 3707945

    Anduin by 巍 罗

    Painsmith Raznal by draken4o


    by Kan Liu(666K*譞)

    by pixiv id 9892346

    by nolletra

    Moira x Thaurissan by xi zhang

    Nefarian by xi zhang

    Cho'gall by xi zhang

    Molten Core by Lionel Schramm

    Ragnaros by Xi Zhang

    artist unknown.

    Ragnaros by pixiv id 15263149

    Chromie by Yare Yue

    Nozdormu vs Murozond by breath-art

    Scarlet Crusader 1 by Austin Hsu

    Inquisitor Whitemane by pixiv id 9330329

    C'thun by by Jorge Jacinto

    Dalaran by ArtByAntera

    Azuregos in Azshara by linxz2010

    Azshara by aka_gaallo

    Grommash by Edikt Art

    Grommash by Herbie Wang

    Grommash by Herbie Wang

    Garrosh by Herbie Wang

    Thrall by Herbie Wang

    Samuro by Herbie Wang

    Vol'jin by Herbie Wang

    by Axilus Art

    Horde and Alliance by Herbie Wang

    Tyrande at Darnassus by Herbie Wang

    Tirion by Herbie Wang

    Night Elf Warden by Gianne van der Berg

    Death Knight by Herbie Wang. This might be official art for Hearthstone?

    Westfall by Jorge Jacinto

    The Exodar on Azuremyst Isle by Jorge Jacinto

    A Blood Elf in Eversong Woods, tapping the lifeforce of a mana wyrm. By Jorge Jacinto

    Dragonblight by Jorge Jacinto

    Ulduar/Storm Peaks by Jorge Jacinto

    Warcraft characters done in a goofy artstyle

    Artist unknown.

    by Yare Yue (go to his artstation if you want larger images of the individual characters)

    Kil'jaeden by Yare Yue

    Yogg Saron by Yare Yue

    by kudaman (go to his artstation if you want larger images of the individual characters)

    And that's all the good fanart I've got right now.
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    Amazing how a simple art thread can make me appreciate WoW so much

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    The last thing still good about wow is the art

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    Blood Elf in Scarlet Monastery by uzzzyzzzu

    Blood elf by uzzzyzzzu

    Garrosh corrupted by the Sha, by knight-mj

    Human by kaiyela

    Tauren by kaiyela

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

    by knight-mj

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    Wow, this is Cool)))

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    Far too much Lich King floating around.

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    Stormwind to other places.
    I love this Thread.
    High Elves and Wildhammer Dwarves are finally playable in the Alliance. XD

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    Click on thumbnails for fullsized image

    by Pavel Yurev

    by Pavel Yurev

    Azshara by Pavel Yurev

    Maldraxxus by Pavel Yurev

    Maldraxxus by draken4o

    Halondrus by draken4o
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