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    I'm so hyped for Kobolds & Catacombs that i copied a card...somewhat in my noob ways

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    Where was this Thread during my entire life.
    Also, i apologize for the Quality of the image, i currently don't have ways to scan my drawings.

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    Did this a LONG time ago, but whatever;

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    Developed some creature designs as part of my Void expansion concept. They aren't coming along nearly as fast as I would like, but I'm happy with some of the results. Did up the Voidwalker on layers so I could make a couple quick variants.

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    I didn"t knew there was a Art Thread on MMo ! So here's 2 pieces featuring the Warcraft universe :

    1) A drawing a made for the Hallow's End event


    2) An older drawing i did for my Brother anniversary ^^


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    Cut out of my newest picture:

    Full version can be seen here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post


    HOLYFUCK that looks great, much more eldritch than the usual ghostbusters-esque voidwalker ingame.

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    Some new WoW arts from me after long time:

    Young Lady Vashj:

    Talanis Starseeker, my friend's RP char:

    Ferndel Woodrage, my bro's RP char (kinda dark, I know):

    Vaenni Nightrunner, my first WoW char ever ever. She was never portrayed, also I wanted to give her some special Sentinel's design, a combination of Warcraft 3 and WoW elements.

    And a bonus, Eldre'Thalas interior used in Talanis' portrait:

    There will be more, especially elves.
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    Just wanted to have some fun in the dark.
    A noob's work but i still enjoyed it

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