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    Quote Originally Posted by Linry View Post
    sketch during class, drawing all over my homework. >_> don't mind the creeper just me messing around with my friends. lol why that's a very nice every thing you've got there.

    work in progress, hands are a little small, hopefully i can fix it. XD shity camera is shity. :P
    I like these, quite good actually for something made in little time.

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    Yay I finally have enough posts to put up images

    Most recent shenanigans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerpoker View Post
    Best thread ever? :0
    Creativity is a gift, but through it reality a burden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerpoker View Post
    Best thread ever? :0

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    Chibi arwork is THE best artwork period. Love it.

    Although lacking in chibi(ness?) I still find these pretty cool, don't know if any of them are new to the thread .

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    Awesome sig by Zil

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renagade Raven View Post
    You really sound like you need a holiday =|
    Your art is amazing as always. Something that really hits me is that this is even concept. Like, I find it difficult enough to do a mediocre sketch when I have something to base it off. Not only are you on a higher level of skill, you are creative enough to create your own looks, entire models, and make them stunning.
    You're so lucky ^_^
    Or, just practiced a lot and put a lot of time into it! Either way, we're lucky to have you posting <3
    Aw, thanks.
    It's mostly due to a lot of practice, but it also runs in the family. Both my mother and her father were artists. My grandfather did mechanical planning drawings and my mother did a lot of illustrative work. I'm in between, since I do concepts and illustration.

    Anyways, I was gone longer than I meant to be, since after I had posted that last batch of pictures I tripped and fell down the stairs. Not just a couple steps, the whole stair case unfortunately, and landed on my left side, bruising a couple of ribs and my hip. And since falling down tends to wrench all of your muscles no matter what side you fall on my whole body ended up hurting. The bruise on my hip finally disappeared a couple of days ago, and the bumps on my ribs have gone down. Luckily my left hand (the one I use) escaped a painful fate, but somehow I managed to strain a couple of my fingers on my right hand. It must have happened when I tried to grab onto the banister.
    After all that I was finally able to get down to work and finish off some art that was laying around.

    Well, just goes to show that life doesn't stop for anyone. :P

    Also, the girl that I mentioned earlier, that copied Glowei's female worgen picture, was told off by someone, but then said that she didn't trace, but that she copied it. FFS, I wish people would realize that just because you didn't trace doesn't mean you didn't steal it...goodness. Anyways, she ended up favouriting one of my pieces...really awkward. I hate it when thieves fave my stuff. :/

    DeviantArt: http://hitsujifox.deviantart.com/gallery/

    This will forever be in development hell.
    This is actually a much bigger picture depicting a cliche forbidden romance between a Draenei concubine and a Dreadlord, but then I got bored of it and other projects came up. You can even see all the little swatches of colour I was using.
    I decided to upload her since she looks so pretty.
    (I know that not all the anatomy is perfect, but I'm not going to go back and fix it at this rate)
    She's on top of his chest showin' off, and that purple stripe cutting across her is what would've been the tip of his tail gently grazing her.

    Just a 'for fun' painting of 'Stud', (who's species I made up for Argus) who is the family pet of one of my Draenei characters. Like most males of any species, he has a bit of a one track mind.
    And loves panties, especially chewing the crotches out of them.

    A quick painting of a possible Emerald Dream environment that I did about a week ago. I took some inspiration from screenshots of what currently exists of the Emerald Dream.
    The little animal (that's actually not so little, maybe about the length of a Buick enclave) at the bottom was referenced from different types of gorgonops, and her colouration was referenced from various guppies.
    *The reason the animal is sort of cell shaded is because I was going for a 'Heavy Metal (1981)' look: painted background, 'rotoscope animated' figure.

    A little while ago I started doing wildlife concepts for the Draenei home planet, Argus, and recently decided to delve a little into the Draenei themselves. I drew a quick map and chose to have physical and cultural differences between those of the North and those of the South.
    Anyways, this Northern lady is the mother of Tullgin, who will hopefully have a proper picture up soon.
    Northern Draenei (Compared to Southern):
    *Shorter but more rotund
    *More fat than muscle
    *Farming, trading are common. Overall more relaxed than Southerners in terms of jobs.
    *Females are promiscuous, but do mate for life once they've found someone suitable
    *Skin and hair is lighter
    *Ears are smaller
    *Horns and tails are smaller and usually lack plating and barbs that Southerners have
    *Love (familial, friendly, sexual) makes up most of their culture
    *Live in family groups. Rare to find solitary Northerners
    *Homosexuality and intersex/feminized males are common and accepted

    A playful little Dryad.
    If you're okay with a little genitalia, then I would recommend looking at and/or faving the original, which can be found in my deviantART gallery, since this version is censored rather crappily and doesn't look as nice and natural.

    More Argus critters!
    (Please note: these are not to scale)
    1. A small carnivore that has the nasty habit of hiding inside of clothes to keep warm, even if their already on the person.
    2. A plated wolverine-like carnivore. Has a bad attitude.
    3. A pygmy hippo-like omnivore that is extremely friendly and cuddly. They make great pets
    4. A cattle-like herbivore that is hunted for its meat and hide.
    5. The largest land predator on Argus. Usually peaceful if left alone, but if vexed it becomes an unstoppable killing machine. They are used in the military.
    6. A small armoured herbivore, similar to a mouse deer/chevrotain. Though small, its stinger packs a punch.
    7. A cave dwelling carnivore. Extremely dangerous. Has a liking for Draenei flesh. Draenei that go into the caves to mine are usually in groups and carry heavy weaponry for protection.

    A worgen drag queen with his little pug.
    (I can definitely see Gilneas being one of the more liberal/feminist nations)

    Just a really quick sketch that I did the other day.
    Things that have a red 'x' aren't necessarily 'bad' or 'wrong,' but if you are drawing a realistic Draenei (or anything digitigrade) they're not really preferable and will take away from the realism.
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    I love the drag queen with the pug and the critters of Argus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaebrael View Post
    I love the drag queen with the pug and the critters of Argus.
    Thanks so much!

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    Here's three I did during math class a few years ago, I had a shaman orc that was way better than these but I can't find it....QQ

    It was never Hardcore Vs Casual. It was Socialites Vs. Solo players
    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    World of Warcraft started life as a Computer Roleplaying Game, where part of the fun of the game experience was pretending to be your character. Stuff like applying poisons and eating food enhanced the verisimilitude of the experience of playing a fantasy character in another world. Now that game has changed to become a tactical arcade lobby game.

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    I remember drawing in class. Was the best thing evar. <3

    Your clock = money is amusing :3

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    Can someone help me

    Can someone please help me i cant draw what so ever was woundering if someone could draw something for me

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    Working on a 3d interpretation of my draenei shammy. Not all that much to show at the moment, no armor or anything, legs are inclomplete, arms are non-existant, and basically everything is WIP. Pix:


    Massive kudos to Rachel for the leg anatomy picture by the way, I was kinda stuck on how to approach it but I think I'll manage now

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    Brytryne, how old is your shammy in relative human years supposed to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaebrael View Post
    Brytryne, how old is your shammy in relative human years supposed to be?
    Young enough to have a cute face, old enough to have massive tits (gonna cover most of them with a T11ish pushup bra tho)
    Not aiming for "realism" at all, most of my references have been fanservice manga although I've tried to keep it somewhat constrained. When you mention it (assuming that's what you were referring to) I should maybe do something about the general structure of the face to make it look less like a... teenager. It helps a lot to see the teeth actually but they are pretty much just a box at the moment so I turned them off. I think when I go over the eyelids it will get a more mature look. Any ideas would be much appreciated

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    Seems someone doesn't like top hats. Geeze.

    Like I said in the previous post, I didn't scribble that I changed her nose. Widened it a little and the nostril is thicker by a bit.


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    Sweet Arthas depiction:

    Trolls, amazing trolls!

    Awesome sig by Zil

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    Wow, a worgen drag queen! Haven't seen anything like that before (though I'm sure it's existed). Cool :3

    Going back through older stuff.

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