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    All the set bonuses seem a bit underwhelming, but the new mounts and returning pvp titles sound quite sexy.

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    I wonder about the Veteran titles. Will these be given automatically to accounts created in Vanilla? I am crazy to think that, right?

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    Ishmael? What kind of title is that?

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    Wooow! Reins of the what?! Sounds pretty neat, eh. More cool looking mounts to come, I hope.

    [Edit]: Hang on... I just noticed the spectral mounts both require level 70... Please don't tell me that these are going to be FLYING wolves and horses.
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    Wtf with the Holy Shock nerf. I guess it's bound to be made up by one of the other new heals they are implementing but I loved that spell

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    1st tier of expansion, of course it will be boring, also keep in mind many are probably placeholders and can easily change.

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    Also, 40 yards on heroic leap?

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    Ishmael is probably the title for killing the Whale Shark and getting the achievement. A reference to Moby Dick most likely, even if it doesn't apply to the Whale Shark.

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    It is the first tear of the X-Pac i don't think they will be amazing at first so for the first Tier they are mehhh

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    ok im so rolling a warrior... 40 yard gap closer... yum

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    Scepter of Az'aqir, Black Qiraji 2.0?

    I´m definately leveling Archaeology tho =D

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    Rofl this is officially retarded... bringing back old pvp titles make me want to puke on whoever thought of this idea..... /gamequit

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    Another stupid lame wolf mount for horde ? cmon =/
    Though that scepter of Az'Aqir makes up for everything, and its apparently from archaeology? yay!

    And damn do blizzard love their +5% crit setbonus or what!

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    Is anyone else getting totally bored of mounts. They add them like they're amazing prizes but for me they just seem to be lackluster, more spectral mounts? bleh. The TRH mount was bad enough thanks. Would much prefer to be able to customize my character in other ways, WoW is so far behind other games in terms of character customization its not even funny.

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    ...the wolf is for horde only? I has a very sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trivial View Post
    Ishmael? What kind of title is that?
    It's most likely a reference to Moby Dick.

    If it's anything but a fishing title, I'll be very upset!

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    hmm 5% crit to sell where have I seen that before....

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    "Scepter of Az'Aqir" bug mount i guess ( finally no more waiting for a server to fall on its face and close the gates again)

    # , Veteran of the Alliance (#193)
    # , Veteran of the Horde (#194)
    # , Hero of the Alliance (#223)
    # , Hero of the Horde (#224)

    Replacing our current vanilla pvp titles?

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    I can only think that those elemental set bonuses especially the 4part are placeholders as we are allready casting Lb's at 1.1-1.3secs taking 10% off would surely bring the GCD into question?

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