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    Amnesia: Dark Descent

    Hands down one of the greatest games I've played on the PC this year. It is such a breath of fresh air nowadays when people are saying that PC gaming is dying. Frictional Games come out with this gem.


    After I saw the gameplay demo, I was sold.

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    Just finished the main game this morning. Really quite amazing. Really hard to believe that this was done by an indie group. This wasn't some lame flash game that had a silly gimick, this was a full blown 8 hour game.

    Most terrifying game I've played in forever as well.

    and the best part.... 20 DOLLARS!

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    After shitting myself over the demo, I'm rather hesitant to play the full game.

    Maybe if we have a few warm, sunny days in a row . . .
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    Im to scared to buy it :S

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