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    Quote Originally Posted by mymosa View Post
    People complain so much that Blizzard can't really keep something like that around. I've already seen such a huge amount of QQ about it being too hard. The sad thing is that it's not hard to understand, most people are too lazy to even try.
    What could they find too hard about it? The whole red/yellow/geen light thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meroko View Post
    at first I thought this was too hard but I didn't fully understand it. Thanks to this post I finally figured out that you search in the direction the bulb is facing. So when you get to an area and it's red it still points you in the right direction. When it becomes green you gotta be a little more precise. Now that I got it down, clearing out a dig site takes no more than a minute.

    Gonna be really fun
    It might be just that you're phrasing it a little odd, but it sounds you are a tiny bit confused, the bulb only shows how close you are (by what color), the telescope is what points you in the right direction.

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    Do NOT prospect your Scrolls / tablets (at least not yet)
    I prospected 5 Highborn scrolls, they disappeared and I received nothing.

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    Further clarification on how scrolls / tablets work

    I (obviously) can't say that it's intended or not, but the way it currently appears to work is that scrolls can be used to add to some, but not all artifacts, for example, I can add one (and only one) scroll to Cloak Clasp with Antlers, Coin from Eldre'Thalas, Shattered Glave, and a few more, However, I can *not* add one to Highborne Pyxis, I also can not add a troll tablet to troll artifact Fetish of Hir'eek.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFox View Post
    If that's the case it might be somewhat skill based after all. Perhaps you can find artifacts anywhere but you can't try to solve them until you have the appropriate level for them? Either way happy hunting and keep us informed.
    That sounds right to me, Thats kind of how it works for First aid-ish (Can find cloth anywhere, but can't use cloth you don't have skill to use).

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    some times the hexagon where i can add a tablet or scroll dont appear, anyone know if this is a bug or intended and what is the criteria for it to appear again? or y it disappears

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    Ive just gotten my Archeaology to 450. While leveling it i managed to get the blue dwarf mug(wich spawns some dancers), the skelly raptor pet, the mechagnome pet and last but not least i just finished my Skelly raptor mount. All in all i thought it was pretty fun to do but the only "complaint" i have, and most of my guildies have is that the grays you make have no use whatsoever, except for achievements. For instance when you make the 7 scepters it would be nice if you could equip them. For me it wasnt hard to keep going because i got these nice rewards, but some of my guildies are around 300 and havent gotten anything rare yet. Going to bed now, from what ive read the Tolvir artifacts are gonna be a pain in the ass!

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