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    Where can I get the design for Reckless Hessonite?

    So. I'm gearing up from heroics and I want to gem my gear.
    I'm a shaman, I want Reckless Hessonite, I'm a JC'er. Aha, I'll cut I myself, or not?
    I simply can't seem to find out where to get the design/learn how to cut this gem.

    Has it been removed, made a rare, rare, rare drop that no-one knows about or did Blizzard just forget to add it?

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    All of the missing uncommon recipes seem to be random world drops with a pretty low drop chance. Try the auction house.

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    Probably BoP. I had one other BoP design drop off a mob while doing the daily JC quest. Details see wowhead under (can't link yet)

    Design: Deadly Hessonite

    looking at the drops for that it appears a rare drop, perhaps with a higher drop rate off am instance mob rather like in BC.

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