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    Need help with bf2bc2

    Ok, heres the deal: Back in March (??) I bought myself bf2bc2 and had a lot of fun with it, and then I moved, also buying myself a new computer and in the moving process, I lost my bloody cd's. I want to play bfbc2 again, but for that i need to download it from somewhere. I know it will work since you log in on the game, and techincally its not illegal as i actually bought the game. I am downloading it as a torrent but damn, the torrent is damn slow as it's this long after its release.

    So does anyone know any page, you can download the full game in any form? (I've tried downloading it from EA's account page, but ofc thats not possible.

    So if you can send me a pm if you know a download link thats fast, (at least within a day) it would be must appreciated. And remember trolls, I did buy it, just cant install it the proper way from the cds... Thanks

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    If you have the CD key you can probably download it from EA download manager. Just find it on EA store site

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