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    Unhappy Need help

    Wow runs on 60 fps on my computer, and thats awesome. But sometimes it dips down to around 15 fps and stays that way for about 30 mins before going up again. This is not lag related, my ms doesnt change at all. I've played wow for 1 and a half year on this computer without having these problems before.

    The only recent change ive done to my computer is installing new grafics drivers.

    If you have any idea what could cause this, please post

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    I Don't think there's anything you can do about that... the game itself is just messed up.

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    When you dip to 15fps are you performing different actions then when you were at 60 FPS? or even in a different area?

    To get accurate help you would need to include what you do when this happens as well as your computer specs. CPU, GPU, RAM, all that good stuff.

    You should also check the Computer Section. They can be a bit condesending if youre not a tech expert.

    Random thought: It never hurts to take a can of air to it when things slow down
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