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    Thorzon its from Mortal Kombat

    Gameplay from it, an old fighting game that was also made into a movie.

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    I find the picture very funny, I was expecting a real mount though.

    This just in! Venara likes to say Off Topic.
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    Yeah, i thought riding atop actual scorpions was intimidating enough, but this tops it a thousand-fold.
    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    -Can be achievable by collecting 75001 Honor Points (before Cataclysm is release, of course) and exchanging it with a vendor floating high above GM island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slavemaker View Post

    I think I like it and shall be leveling my horde sooner than expected.

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