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    Help picking PC

    Out of the four which are compared there, which one would you get? considering price and performance.[COLOR="red"]
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    Try looking here before you buy one of those

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    I have an xps 7100 with radeon 5870, and 6GB of RAM. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with it.

    In retrospect, though, one of the xps 9100's might have been better. The Phenom II x6 processors are no slouches, but the i7's have a definite edge.

    The shipping times are really good, incidentally, and everything arrived in perfect condition, with good packaging. That Dell bar they give you is pretty sweet, too. It's like the App Dock on a Mac (the row of icons at the bottom).

    Don't get a Dell monitor, though... Get a Samsung.

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    Right now I'm thinking its between the last two, the 7100 and 8100 basically the trade off is the i7 870 for the amd phenom x6 1055t and the gt220 for the hd5670. Any advice?

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    My advice would be to not buy a dell. For gaming the amd phenom x6 1055t doesn't perform as well as the I7's. If i had to pick one of those 4 I'd get the first one. It's the most expensive and since your wasting money overpaying for a dell I went with that logic it also has a blue ray.

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    I wouldn't get a dell.

    If I were inclined to buy a preconfigured computer I would get something from ibuypower or cyberpower PC.

    You pay alot for the dell name and get lower quality components for your trouble.

    Video is a Palit GTS450. Main display is a 24" full HD TV. Secondary display is an ACER 19" lcd at 1440x900.

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    the other has a blue ray too. the trade off for the i7 is the video card, basically its 1055t+hd5670 for the i7+gt 220
    Also where would you buy from? Im in canada.

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    I linked a website a few posts up.

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    I checked the site, and prices are about the same, and maybe even a bit more once you add the $100 shipping fee + its in american dollars, not canadian dollars.

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    I would buy all the bits from and put it together myself.

    Newegg does sell complete PCs with many gaming oriented options.

    Video is a Palit GTS450. Main display is a 24" full HD TV. Secondary display is an ACER 19" lcd at 1440x900.

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