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    E-Mail Hacked & Phishing E-Mails Sent?

    I never would've noticed, but about 25 of the e-mails failed, and went back to inbox, alerting me to the fact someone e-mailed people from my account.

    I changed the password, did a sweep of the computer, no keyloggers.

    I have no idea how they got into my e-mail, (instinctively erased all the e-mails, as I don't want people's e-mail addresses I don't know in my e-mail box), and now it hit me.

    This is my battle.net account e-mail. Obviously, the passwords are different, but will Blizzard take action on my battle.net account because someone hacked my e-mail and sent out phishing e-mails? Is there a place at blizzard to call/e-mail to alert them?

    EDIT: Upon looking, no addresses were saved, no records of them ever being added in my e-mail, etc. So I'm thinking they were sent by someone else using G-Mails send from another Address feature. o_o
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    1. Blizzard can't action your game account because your email account was compromised.
    2. Check out some of the other "my email was hacked" threads in the forum.

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