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    IE unsupportted?

    Hello all

    Just a tip for web desgin, currently internet explorer (IE) is the most popular browser used on this planet.

    The latest version of IE is bearly supported by this site and it's links, by the looks of it the only thing your testing in is FF which is just a farce, global figures show that the use of FF is falling and not increasing (a crime i know, probably to do with the amount of friendly browsers on the market) but with you not supporting Opera, Chrome, etc. you are going to start getting issues rapidly, i am not sure whose doing the testing on this site and whether they will ever see this post but i strong recommend you begin to test this website and the sites you link in IE to make them a little more user friendly - even just IE8 this will atleast allow the majority of users to see your content clearly.

    I know this is a new version of the site hense the rant post THIS IS NOT ME TROLLING - i am genuinely trying to help i work for a large business and test in Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE8/7 and... oh christ i hate to mention it but IE6 aswell.

    Please fix the site its like signing up to and reading a piece of paper thats been half eaten by a rabid dog.

    Thanks for reading, post your insults in the usually way.

    Very Bored,


    P.S. Xenu is your friend it picks up dead links and it's free!
    P.P.S. i do not test in Linux, a bit of a shame really so Linux users let me know your gripes so we can get s stable clean site before this gets out of hand.

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    Market share of IE has been in decline for past decade, and in Europe FireFox is already most popular browser with over 50% market share. In some European countries FF has over 80% share.

    Also IE6/7 are dead and buried, the share of those is about the same as Opera, ie. pretty damn negligible. IE8 has around 5x more users than the older versions already.

    BTW. The webmasters of this site know there are compatibility issues of certain IE versions, I'm pretty sure there are other threads dedicated to it in the appropriate subforums.
    Never going to log into this garbage forum again as long as calling obvious troll obvious troll is the easiest way to get banned.
    Trolling should be.

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    1. This type of thread belongs in the Suggestions and Feedback forum.
    2. Known issue.
    3. I'm sometimes saddened because the corporation I work for refuses to allow any browser to be used, except for IE7. They won't update to IE8 or allow Firefox/Chrome.

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