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    Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

    I listen to the entire album last night and honestly I have to say I am impressed with what Linkin Park has done. I always have and always will be a fan of their style that was shown in Hybrid Theory and Meteora and wish there were a few similar songs on TS. Unfortunately this is not the case, the entire album consists of a lot of piano parts and "duets" with Mike and Chester.

    Has anyone else listen to the album and if so what did yo guys think about it? Please refrain from comments like "This isn't LP, it's garbage." Bands change over time, you cannot expect the same exact music to be produced over and over again. Hell id feel bad for Chester if he went another 10 years screaming at the top of his lungs.

    And lastly here is a link to my favorite song on the album.

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    I agree with some people who say that this isn't Linkin Park to an extent. They've changed genre slightly although I still feel the emotion each song they create has will stay unique to Linkin Park. I'm currently in love with their new album and The Catalyst has got to be a number 1 favourite of mine.

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    Agree, bands evolve and if you listen to some of the lyrics on this album LP is basically saying they change and to either like it or FO.

    All the full tracks were decent, I still prefer New Divide above all else, but this isn't a poor album as some "emo" fans are letting out.

    I do have 1 annoyance... alot of tracks on the album are sub 3 minutes, their "little mixes", it could have done with less filler... "Empty Spaces" : 0.18 sec did that really need to be a naked track?

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    I'll admit my favorites of Linkin Park are those from Meteora, but the songs on TS are amazing... I keep hearing the words "Wretches and Kings, we come for you" in my head and I love it!

    I am very satisfied with their album, and I'm allready screaming along(with my horrible voice) to the songs from A Thousand Suns

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    I'll admit, it's a step down from the songs on Meteora and Minutes to Midnight in my opinion (not saying their new songs aren't good. I mean, they're still catchy and recognizable in their voice and sound).
    I still have the tune for "the catalyst" stuck in my head.

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    I think I wasted money... I just LOVED LP before this, I'm really sorry but I don't like this change. I appreciate only a few songs of this album.

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    New LP > Old LP

    I didnt really like the rap - metal combination.. as a big metal fan this is atleast "listenable".

    Though this is my opinion : P

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