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    I recently started playing Aion off and on, just to give it a try now that I have a much better computer that can actually run it. I get a similar feel of the community there regarding WoW players and WoW in general, but nowhere near what I've seen just on the FFXIV forums alone. FF fans are a whole different breed of players, shunning anything vastly popular or that might infringe on their "exclusive" club.
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    Warcraft started as an RTS, already supported online and LAN play (it wasn't single player) and it tried to bring balance into competitive play. above all, it had loads of personality.

    i could see diablo being made into an MMO before Warcraft, but it was so buggy and unbalanced and lacked a lot of personality. when i think diablo, i think of baldur's gate, with crap loads of stat sticks that all essentially do the same thing - help you hack n slash.

    Warcraft was more open-ended than most games, hence, DoTA, HoN, LoL, BLC and all the incarnations to follow, it had a sturdier foundation, can't argue that.

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    Final fantasy is a terrible franchise, and worse mmo.

    I like asian style games, an even anime to a very brief point

    Aion and Perfect World are examples of asian mmos that are doing something right

    FF tho seems to work counter intuitively while debasing and demeaning their player base

    Meaning: anyone with a grain of self respect will leave that game for something better, which is anything.

    What happens is it creates a sycophantic masochistic passive aggresive player base who lash out at the game they wish they were good enough to play

    I'm no fan of other western mmorpgs, Conan and Warhammer are pretty bad.

    But each one of them has had some individual features which wow has absorbed.

    So think about the kind of player base you are approaching, and it will all make sense.

    Does that mean wow players are the cream of the crop? no

    But at least we're on the winning side, 10 million subscribers means there is something for everyone in this game. While it might not be perfect it is fact the very thing FF pretends to be and it's players wish it was.

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    @ the OP...
    You even see people say stuff like that in WoW chat and forums. In fact I'd guess that anyone who has ever posted on a forum has gotten angry with people replying with posts that have opposing views to your own and called you stupid for having your view point.
    It's simple, people/humans as a whole, are f*cking stupid. The ability to post/talk with anonymity on the internet just makes it worse.

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    I can understand where they coming from. People just don't want the game X to be WoW clone with xyz features (and if the xyz features are actually a good idea, you sure gonna have Blizz implements something like that in the future).

    Perhaps some people see a hindrance to the MMO market. You either have 11 mil subscribers at launch like WoW right now or you gtfo and are a failure. (seems like the view of many people on the interwebs)

    Or perhaps they don't want WoW's community to come to their game.

    You'll find WoW haters on ANY other MMO site and their hate is usually almost fanatical, which is understandable if they not playing WoW it means they don't like it.

    Final fantasy is a terrible franchise
    Seriously now... I don't know how well their MMO will go... real launch is in March anyways. But calling FF franchise bad? FF is probably one of the more famous, oldest and popular RPG names there is. But then again opinions are opinions.
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    I honestly don't pay much mind to people complaining about another MMO becoming "too much like WoW" with each and every little change since there are plenty of people in the WoW community that fight each and every change to WoW as if it were the end of the world.

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    It's a shame really. Clearly the numbers show that WoW is the best one out there right now, and it's been that way for a very long time. I don't know if its jelousy of these other communities, perhaps they wish their games had as much subsriptions or posotive feedback as ours.

    It's just a bandwagon thing I think, mostly. You can provide these people with the numbers and its common sense you know? If so many people are playing it, it must work. It must be good. But no, these other folks in the other communities don't accept it, they won't even take a glance into what we play. They are stubborn morons most of em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaexion Ramza Beoulve View Post

    Look at your MMO, now back to mine, I'm on a lion.
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    I've only ever played the free trials of LotRO, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars other than WoW, and honestly, after just a half an hour of those games, I understood why WoW is on top. They just feel lifeless, they have no personality, the characters feel stiff and it's hard to maneuver the camera. The UIs are confusing, the graphics are trying too hard to look like real life, and it just doesn't work.

    WoW has a simple UI, easily maneuvered camera, fun characters with plenty of animations (and jumping!), and the graphics are cartoony, which many people criticize, but I personally love.

    But yes, I've seen the WoW hate too. I remember going into a city on City of Heroes and people were talking shit about WoW, and I went into some Westfall-esque place in LotRO and people were doing the same thing. I don't understand it, I wonder if they've ever played WoW. If they have then I don't know what there's to criticize about when they are playing an inferior game..
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    the graphics being cartoony i think is great, more development time and player attention is directed at the gameplay not at the shinies

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    Every MMO company seems to try and out-tech WoW, completely missing that the fluidity in the gameplay is a large part of WoW's appeal, something so simple as streamline movement, camera and ability usage is so important, because you spend most of your time doing these things, and if it feels clunky, sluggish, or unresponsive it's just not going to feel nice to play.
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    the reason they hate so much is because all the ppl who play other mmo's are ppl who quit wow cuz they hate it :P for one reason or another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryoukthebloodelf View Post
    in robotics the kids who play wow were being bullied by the kids who played d&D
    Ha, we had an every other MMO vs. WoW argument in the robotics lab last year...

    good times...

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    how many mmos have the variety of mounts wow has? we range from pink rockets to lions who wouldnt be jealous

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    So glad some of you are mentioning the "feel" because I have to say this is probably one of the biggset factors. It may be subtle, but having that fluid camera control, movement and the ability to jump is what pretty much made this game for me.

    Take guild wars for example. The terrain is restrictive, you can't walk anywhere and your character is pretty stiff, there are tons of invisible walls. The camera has a 0.5 second lag, so you cannot manover very smoothly. You can't jump in this game either, so you can get stuck on logs/rocks/stones/whatever really easily, and its so fustrating. It's a nice game, I love the music. Can be abit of a grind, but its not something I'd play for good. Souly because of the movement fluidity.

    Moving on to Aion, this developer dived straight into the graphical side of things. It looks great, and they've tried to make the movement more fluid, but have lost themselves with all the pretty lights and shinies. They also forgot to ship the game with endgame content, so for a month or two, endgamers had shit all to do. I really couldn't get into it.

    FF - One of the most famous and respected MMO's out there. A nice game, I didn't play very long though. Loosing XP irritated me and demoilished my sense of achievment. Not only that but the menus are SO irritating! Still, I have alot of respect for this old dog. Not sure if the developers will be able to teach it any new tricks though..
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    Actually, people from other communities hate how elitist and immature people in the WoW community are. (That's what they say)
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    Quote Originally Posted by warcrimes View Post
    how many mmos have the variety of mounts wow has? we range from pink rockets to lions who wouldnt be jealous
    hell we even have chocobos

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    The thing that really gets me is that in all honesty no game has even tryed to reach the depth that wow has at baseline(and is trying to improve). If you think about it, there are currently 30 base classes in wow(10 classes with 3 differant specs) plus a little bit of bleed over from other specs means theres a huge number of veriaties and classes available in wow. Now compair it to any of the other wow killers, and at best they have 5-10 classes with very limited customization in them. THAT right there is why wow is so big. Because its big, much like corporations, people will hate on it. Its the envy part of our brain, which is actually a pretty much a part of our schadenfreude reaction(the part of humans that takes pleasure in others pain or causeing pain in others).

    I actually started mmos with lineage 2.. and while i played it i promised i would bnever play wow.... 2 months after launch I started. 6 months later I made my first spreist face melt vid and never looked back(I did try both war and aion... hated both).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darios View Post
    hell we even have chocobos
    And ours have colors. And armor.

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    I think it's funny when I see people say <Insert game here> is better than WoW because it has better graphics making it look newer and WoW look old. Silly people...

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