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    2010 VMAs (Spoilers)

    Did you watch them?

    Overall I am VERY pleased with the rewards. Pretty much everything went as expected:

    Video of the Year: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    Best Female video: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    Best Male Video: Eminem – Not Afraid
    Best New Artist: Justin Bieber -featuring Ludacris - Baby
    Best Hip Hop Video: Eminem – Not Afraid
    Best Pop Video: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    Best Dance Video: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    Best Rock Video: 30 Seconds To Mars (actor Jared Leto’s band)- Kings and Queens
    Best Collaboration: Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé – Telephone
    Best choreography: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
    Best Editing: Lady Gaga -Bad Romance
    Best Art Direction: Florence + the Machine -Dog Days Are Over
    Best Direction: Lady Gaga -Bad Romance
    Best Cinematography: Jay-Z and Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
    Best Special Effects: Muse – Uprising
    Breakthrough Video: The Black Keys – Tighten Up

    Bieber won best new artist... as everyone thought he would. I personally voted for Ke$ha, but I knew there really was no hope. For me it was all good because Lady GaGa absolutely DOMINATED.

    Was a great night for all little monsters out there, and for those who care, she announced the name of her next album, appropriately named "Born This Way".

    Hope you guys enjoyed them, and please...PLEASE keep the GaGa hate to a minimum, we have "Lady GaGa" and "What do you hope the female worgen dance will be?" threads for that purpose .

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    Gaga sure did take over lol. It was expected though. Glad Bieber only won one. And not everything. The end was epic, Kayne's new song stole the show for me.


    Already up on youtube, *Toast to Kayne*. Made the beat on stage, rapped it, and it was for Taylor Swift, pretty badass.

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    I don't bother with the awards. It's the same artists and bands that have been overplayed by the radios and overpromoted by the labels. This further helps in advertising their music. I'm not exactly criticizing that aspect of it as it is MTV's own ceremony to celebrate consumption so it's to be expected, but that is exactly the reason I'm not very interested and don't feel the awards hold much importance.

    Congratulations to the winners, nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rageissues View Post
    Best Special Effects: Muse – Uprising
    When you've got giant evil teddy bears, No one else can even come close.... ^^

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    I don't personally like Lady Gaga's music, but I find her to be very creative and different. I'm glad to see her do so well.

    That being said, I hope Justin Bieber goes bald. There's nothing remotely unique or interesting about him. Just another pretty face for the Twitter crowd. Looking forward to his 16th minute.

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    Pretty bad night for me. I am very anti Lady GaGa. Everyone says that she is very original and here music has meaning. I can see bad romance's meaning but Alejandro and Telephone really... I expected her to win most of the female and pop videos but when it comes to Video of the Year she did not deserve it at all. The awards are for the videos and music. Not just the music or just the videos. Eminem - Not Afraid or 30 Seconds to Mars- Kings and Queens were much better than any of the nominees. Like Keoren said these award shows have become boosting the popularity of those already popular.

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    Well besides the obvious sweep of Bad Romance, some of the other winners are quite intresting. My friend a while back told me about the black keys. he said the CD changes colors. Which is awesome. So congrats to them!

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    Florence and the machine was FANTASTIC. Justin Bieber lip synced. No gaga performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesscalise View Post
    Florence and the machine was FANTASTIC. Justin Bieber lip synced. No gaga performance
    Yeah I was hoping she was going to have another performance, but I didn't think they would let her take over the VMAs two years in a row. It would be hard to top her 2009 performance, but maybe she'll surprise us in 2011 .

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