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    Drivers failing

    My computer bit the dust awhile ago, and my boyfriend bought a new one, so he gave me his to play on. It was having no issues until I discovered that the integrated chipset in this laptop (Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family) doesn't run one of my games. I followed some instructions on installing an older display driver set, and the game worked, and so did WoW. A day later, WoW barely works because the display drivers will randomly fail for unknown reasons, in the middle of anything, and sometimes won't recover. The screen will flicker black, then try to recover. I realized it was probably a bad idea to have messed with it, so I reinstalled the old chipset. If possible, the drivers fail even more now. I've updated them to their latest versions and I kind of just don't know what to do. It gets really irritating trying to run a random when your drivers fail every three minutes. I've heard of people having problems with Dell Inspirons but I'd never had a problem until now.

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    Most likely your installing and reinstalling of the new and old drivers back and forth has made windows confused and unstable, and the least effort would be completely wiping the laptop and reset it back to the state it came out from the factory with the original rescue disc. Or you could do clean install and have latest drivers for everything right from the start.

    Windows can get very cranky if you try to install very old hardware drivers into computer where you have several new layers of service packs, .net and DirectX piled. If you mess with drivers and revert to old versions, it's like pulling something out from the bottom of house of cards and pray it doesnt fall apart.
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